Staff reported for “causing pregnancy to female students” Nanjing University responded

According to the official Weibo message of Nanjing University, in October 2022, multiple reporting materials circulated on the Internet, saying that Zhou Heng, a staff member of the School of Government of Nanjing University, was suspected of causing pregnancy of female students and plagiarism in papers, which caused heated discussions on the Internet. Zhou Heng himself reported the case to the public security organs. The relevant departments attached great importance to this, and the public security organs and Nanjing University conducted separate investigations, and the relevant results are now announced as follows.

After investigation, it was confirmed that the whistleblower Wang Moumou, male, currently living in Shandong, was admitted to the School of Government of Nanjing University in 2019 to study for a master’s degree, and has now graduated, and has used the Sina Weibo account “Mengxin Surge NJU” and multiple overseas email addresses to anonymously report Zhou Heng many times. The relevant medical records, chat records and pictures of the girl’s identity in the reporting materials are all forged. On November 10, 2022, his mother Feng Moumou posted on Weibo, publicly apologizing for Wang’s false report.

It has been found that since the undergraduate stage, Wang Moumou has been treated in many hospitals and mental health centers in many places. Relevant medical records show that he has psychiatric disorders such as bipolar disorder. Wang Moumou failed to obtain a national scholarship for violating school rules and discipline during his studies at Nanjing University, so he was dissatisfied with Zhou Heng, who was in charge of related work. In October 2022, while hospitalized in a mental health center in Shandong Province, he made an intensive online report against Zhou Heng. Where Wang is suspected of violating the law, the public security organs will handle it in accordance with law based on the results of the psychiatric judicial evaluation.

After investigation by Nanjing University in accordance with the relevant procedures of the Measures for Handling Academic Misconduct of Nanjing University (Trial), Zhou Heng’s relevant papers had some irregularities and imprecision in citation notes, references, etc., but no academic misconduct such as plagiarism was found.

The following is the full text of the circular:

Report on the investigation results of the incident that our school staff member Zhou Heng was reported by netizens

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