Start construction again after 10 years! The new campus of Jinan University is here

According to Jinan University News Network, the student dormitory T8 and T9 buildings in the second phase of the Panyu Campus of Jinan University began on-site construction on February 20, marking that the Panyu Campus has begun a new round of comprehensive construction. After the completion of this round of construction, the Panyu campus is expected to accommodate more than 26,000 teachers and students.

It is understood that it has been 10 years since March 18, 2013, when the Panyu Campus of Jinan University fired the “first shot” of full-scale construction.

Previously, the conceptual architectural plan of the second phase of the Panyu campus project was also quietly released, and after public bidding and expert review, the “Silk Road Flower Language” design plan submitted by Guangdong Urban and Rural Planning and Design Institute stood out and became the final winning plan.


Conceptual architectural plan of the second phase project of Panyu Campus

According to the overall layout of the school, the second phase of the construction of Panyu Campus takes “stability, characteristics and high level” as the idea, and takes the construction of world-class disciplines pharmacy, optoelectronic information, ecological environment and high-end think tanks as the traction, focusing on building “five centers” – overseas talent training center, science and education innovation center, industry-university-research collaboration center, international cooperation center, and Chinese culture communication center, and concentrates on cultivating new growth points of emerging disciplines and interdisciplinary disciplines.

According to the overall construction idea of the school, the second phase of the Panyu campus project will build major buildings including the complex S group, teaching and research group E, group A, student dormitory, student canteen, sports venue and other major buildings, with a planned construction period of 4 years.

Zhang Ronghua, vice president of Jinan University, introduced that the second phase of Panyu Campus will be divided into six major projects to carry out construction, which will be integrated with existing facilities after completion, jointly undertake the functions of teaching and research, public services, life and leisure, expand the school-running space, strengthen the development increment, and meet the diverse needs of teachers and students in the school.

At present, the construction of the second phase of Panyu campus is in full swing, the two dormitory buildings T8 and T9 under construction will be delivered in June 2024, and other functional groups will start construction in 2024, and the construction of the second phase of Panyu campus is expected to be basically completed by 2026.
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