The 10th Soaring Young Scholars Forum of Northwestern Polytechnical University is a sub-forum of the School of Mathematics and Statistics

The Northwestern Polytechnical University Soaring Young Scholars Forum aims to build a platform for outstanding young scholars at home and abroad to collide ideas and academic exchanges, focus on international academic frontiers and disciplinary hotspots, broaden academic horizons, inspire academic inspiration, promote exchanges and cooperation, and negotiate career development plans. The forum was held online.

1. Forum time

December 4, 2022 Beijing time

2. Forms of participation

This forum is held online through the Tencent Meeting platform, and we sincerely invite you to pay attention and participate!

III. Agenda of the Forum

1. Watch the promotional video of the college; 
2. Leaders of the college introduce the situation of the college and talent policy; 
3. Teachers in the institute have free exchanges with young scholars attending the conference; 
4. Young scholars attending the conference will make relevant academic reports and give trial lectures to interested scholars;

IV. Registration Method

Please inNovember 29, 2022Scan the QR code below to register online, please pay attention to the review in time after registration, we will send an invitation to participate in the forum for scholars who pass the review.

V. Contact Information

Contact: Teacher Wang 
Contact number: 029-88431660

Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics ( of outstanding young scholars all year round, please log in when applying, click the upper right corner to register and fill in personal information for online declaration.

Introduction to Northwestern Polytechnical University

Northwestern Polytechnical University (referred to as Xi’an), located in Xi’an, Shaanxi, is a multidisciplinary, research-oriented and open university characterized by the development of talent training and scientific research in aviation, aerospace, navigation and other fields, and is a national “first-class university” construction university (Class A), under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In 1960, the school was identified as a national key university by the State Council, and the “Seventh Five-Year Plan” and “Eighth Five-Year Plan” were listed as one of the 15 universities in the country for key construction by the State Council, and in 1995, the first batch entered the “211 Project” and in 2001, it entered the “985 Project”, and is a member university of the “Excellent University Alliance” and the initiating university of the “Belt and Road” Aerospace Innovation Alliance. Since its establishment, the school has fully implemented the party’s education policy, adhered to the school motto of “honesty and courage”, carried forward the school spirit of “three solid and one new” (solid foundation, practical work, simple style, pioneering and innovative), determined the “five to” (student-rooted, educated, scholar-oriented, academic as the soul, and responsibility-oriented) school-running philosophy, wrote a number of “firsts” in the history of New China, and today continues to write new brilliance in accelerating the construction of world-class universities and first-class disciplines with Chinese characteristics.

Introduction to the School of Mathematics and Statistics

The predecessor of the School of Mathematics and Statistics of Northwestern Polytechnical University is the Department of Mathematical Mechanics established in 1957, which has long focused on cutting-edge scientific problems in mathematics, statistics and their applications, and carried out high-level scientific research and high-level talent training.

First, the faculty is strong and the discipline characteristics are distinct

The college adheres to the strategy of “strengthening the institute with talents” and continuously increases the introduction and cultivation of talents. There are 96 full-time teachers, including 28 professors and 59 associate professors; There are 6 selected by the National High-level Talent Program, 16 provincial and ministerial talents such as New Century Outstanding Talents of the Ministry of Education, Shaanxi Province Famous Teachers, Shaanxi Province Special Support Program Leading Talents, Shaanxi Province Outstanding Youth Fund winners, and 3 Humboldt Fund winners; There are 32 doctoral supervisors and 66 master supervisors; 97.9% of the teachers have doctoral degrees, and 87.2% of the teachers have long-term overseas study or visiting experience.

The college has established a first-level doctoral program in mathematics and a postdoctoral mobile station in mathematics, 2 national first-class undergraduate professional construction points (mathematics and applied mathematics, information and computing science), 1 provincial first-class undergraduate professional construction point (statistics), and has built 2 provincial and ministerial key laboratories, 1 Xi’an international science and technology cooperation base, and 4 international joint research centers/laboratories. 
Adhering to the development ideas of “scientific problem-oriented, application problem-driven” and “heavy foundation and strong application”, the college has formed the direction of superior disciplines such as analysis and geometry, scientific engineering calculation, stochastic dynamical system, graph theory and game theory, etc., and built a discipline system with strong scientific research strength, distinctive national defense characteristics, and complete teaching and scientific research echelons, laying a good foundation for building a world-class discipline.

2. Strengthen scientific research and build a service platform

The School conducts problem-driven, high-level mathematical basic theoretical innovation and applied research. In the past five years, it has undertaken 6 national major and key projects such as the National Key R&D Program, and more than 80 national scientific research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China. He has won 1 National Defense Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 Second Prize of Natural Science Award of the Ministry of Education, 5 Science and Technology Awards of Shaanxi Province, and 6 Provincial and Ministerial Teaching Awards. In J. Math. Pure. Appl., Adv. Math., J. Combin. Theory Ser. B, J. Comput. Phys., SIAM series and other internationally renowned journals in mathematics and applied mathematics have published more than 600 academic papers. 
The School builds a comprehensive service platform for talent training, scientific research cooperation, academic exchanges, and achievement display. In 1954, he founded the journal “Advanced Mathematical Research”, and in 2010, he co-founded “Int. J. Numer.Anal. Model. Series B” journal, held more than 100 domestic and international important academic conferences such as the China Annual Conference on Computational Mathematics, and signed joint training and bilateral cooperation agreements with more than 10 universities such as the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom, the University of Twente in the Netherlands, and the Technical University of Compiègne in France.

Third, cherish talents and pay favorably

The school continues to promote the strategy of strengthening the school with talents, attaches great importance to the construction of the talent team, and fully implements the “Soaring Talent Project” to promote the rapid growth of young talents and stand out. The salary level of the school is competitive in domestic universities. 
Prepare for the establishment of a mathematics research center to support the growth of outstanding talents in the form of special zones. After young teachers join the company, the two levels of institutions provide collaborative support in terms of scientific research platforms and graduate indicators. The school provides talented children with the country’s top basic education resources for primary and secondary schools (the high school affiliated to the school has strong strength, and about 100 high-quality students are sent by Tsinghua Peking University every year), and the children’s admission to nursery is completely worry-free, which effectively guarantees talents to devote themselves to teaching and scientific research.

Regular recruitment

Recruitment subject areas include basic mathematics, computational mathematics, applied mathematics, operations research and cybernetics, probability theory and mathematical statistics, and statistics.

(1) Chair Professor

Job conditions

Leading the international frontier of science and technology, making systematic and creative achievements in basic research fields, and achieving landmark scientific and technological achievements in major national scientific and technological tasks; Generally, they are strategic scientists who enjoy a high social reputation and wide academic influence.

Job treatment

One case at a time

(2) Tenured professors

Job conditions

Carry out forward-looking and leading research in this discipline, and be highly recognized by peers at home and abroad; Focusing on the major needs of the country, make important contributions to social development and scientific and technological progress; Generally, they are leading talents who have made important contributions in discipline construction, scientific research, talent training, etc.

Job treatment

One case at a time

(3) Young top-notch talents

Job conditions

Have a doctorate degree and be under the age of 40;
Outstanding young academic leaders who have emerged academically, have strong innovation ability, great development potential, and have achieved high academic achievements in their fields;
If you have worked overseas for 3 years, you can apply for the National Natural Science Foundation of China Outstanding Youth Science Fund Project (Overseas).

Job treatment

51-620,000 (before tax) / year + social security treatment and so on about 7-100,000 / year;
Can enjoy other income such as scientific research;

Scientific research start-up fee of 2-6 million yuan (including the state);
Appointed as a professor, doctoral supervisor, and senior professional and technical positions;

Settlement expenses and monetization subsidies of 1.5 million to 2 million yuan (including national and local, before tax).

(4) Prospective teachers

Job title

Associate Professor

Associate Professor

Job conditions

Have a doctorate degree and are generally not more than 40 years old

Have a doctorate degree and are generally under the age of 35

Job treatment

36-460,000 / year + social security treatment and so on about 6-100,000 / year

26-360,000 / year + social security benefits and so on about 5-100,000 / year

Senior professional and technical positions

Associate Senior Professional and Technical Position

The start-up fund for scientific research is 200,000 yuan

The start-up fund for scientific research is 200,000 yuan

Settlement fee and monetization supplement 300,000-400,000 (before tax)

Settlement fee and monetization subsidy 200,000 yuan (before tax)

Can enjoy other income such as scientific research;
The qualification review of graduate supervisors is carried out simultaneously with the entry review;
If you have worked overseas for 3 years, you can apply for the “Soaring Overseas Scholars” program at the same time when you enter the university, and you will receive scientific research funding and subsidy support after selection.

(5) Postdoctoral fellow

Job title

Special funding for postdoctoral fellows

Regular postdoc

Job conditions

Within 3 years of obtaining a doctoral degree, the age is generally not more than 32 years old

Within 3 years of obtaining a doctoral degree, the age is generally not more than 35 years old

Job treatment

270,000 / year + social security treatment, etc. about 6-100,000 / yuan

220,000 / year + social security treatment, etc. about 5-100,000 / yuan

Selected for national postdoctoral related projects, can enjoy corresponding project funding and scientific research and other income;
During the station, you can apply for pre-employment as a teacher approved by the school, and after being hired, you will be included in the corresponding post management and enjoy the corresponding treatment;
You can apply for the school’s postdoctoral apartment.

School of Mathematics and Statistics, Northwestern Polytechnical University 2022 Talent Recruitment Plan

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