The 2022 Nanoresearch Young Scientist Award (NR45 Awards) was released

Recently, the editorial board of Nanoresearch (English Edition) released the winners of the 2022 Nanoresearch Young Scientist Award (NR45 Awards). 30 outstanding young scientists in the field of global nanocatalysis were awarded! The 12th issue of Nanoresearch was published simultaneously this yearAward-winning special issueAll papers in this issue are from the award-winning young scientist research team.

In order to recognize outstanding young scientists who have dedicated themselves to scientific careers, devoted themselves to academic research, and have been engaged in research in the frontier fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology for a long time and made outstanding contributions, the editorial board of Nano Research (English Edition) has established the annual Nano Research Young Innovators (NR45) Awards. The candidates for this award are recommended by front-line scientists on the editorial board of Nanoresearch (English Edition), strictly selected by the award committee, and the final winners are young scientists who have made outstanding achievements in the nanofield and are expected to achieve major scientific breakthroughs. The NR45 Awards are awarded annually to up to 45 outstanding young researchers up to the age of 45 according to their research field. So far, Nanoresearch has successfully selected four NR45 Awards, with a total of 154 young talents in the nanofield selected by domestic and foreign talents, which has had a wide impact around the world.

Nanoresearch (English Edition) is an international academic journal jointly sponsored by Tsinghua University and the Chinese Chemical Society and published by Tsinghua University Press. The journal was selected as the leading journal of the China Science and Technology Journals Excellence Action Plan, with an impact factor of 10.269 in 2022 and an annual publication volume of more than 1,000 articles, becoming one of the influential academic publishing platforms in the international nano field.

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