The basic score line of the 2023 master’s degree admission examination of BIT was announced

Combined with the application situation

Now will be BIT 2023

Master’s Graduate Admissions Examination

The basic score of the retest is announced below

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Engineering Care Major: Mechanics[0801], Aerospace Science and Technology[0825], weapons science and technology[0826]。


Candidates enjoying the policy of caring for ethnic minorities: candidates who apply for fresh undergraduate graduates of ethnic minority ordinary colleges and universities who are located in the enrollment units of the second district and are targeted for employment in the ethnic regional autonomous areas announced by the State Council after graduation; or candidates whose work unit and household registration are in ethnic regional autonomous areas announced by the State Council, and whose targeted employment unit is the original unit.


Candidates who meet the requirements of the “University Students Volunteer Service in the Western Region Program”, “Three Branches and One Support Program”, “Special Post Plan for School Teachers in the Stage of Rural Compulsory Education”, “Chinese Language Teacher Volunteers Going Abroad”, “College Students Enlisted for Active Service and Retirement”, “Selected College Graduates to Work in Villages” and other project conditions shall be implemented in accordance with the Ministry of Education’s policy of extra points. Candidates who meet the above bonus points policy must apply to the Research and Recruitment Office of our school and the college of application after the specific arrangement of our school’s re-examination is announced, and provide supporting materials as required.

Retest arrangement

According to the requirements of the superior authorities, our university will formulate a master’s re-examination admission work plan, and release it to the public in a timely manner through the website of the Graduate School of the University and the website of each enrollment unit. Please pay close attention and wait patiently for the notice.

Consultation methods


Fax: 010-68945112.

E-mail: yjszb@bit.edu.cn.

WeChat public account: Beijing Institute of Technology graduate enrollment “BIT_grad_yz”.

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