The Center for Neutron Science and Technology, School of Physics, Sun Yat-sen University, recruits professional and technical personnel

The School of Physics of Sun Yat-sen University is located in the south campus of The Guangzhou Campus of Sun Yat-sen University, which collects the beauty of mountains and pearls and the enlightened wind of Muling Mountain. The Department of Physics of Sun Yat-sen University was founded in 1924 at the beginning of its founding, in 1952 it merged with the Department of Physics of Lingnan University, in 1981 it restored the doctoral program in theoretical physics and optics, in 1984 it prepared to build one of the first batch of state key laboratories “State Key Laboratory of Ultra-fast Laser Spectroscopy”, in 1985 it established one of the first batch of postdoctoral mobile stations in the country “Physics Postdoctoral Mobile Station”, in 1993 it was approved to build a national physics talent training base, and in 1998 the Department of Physics became one of the first doctors. The master’s degree is authorized as a first-level discipline, and it was rated A- in the fourth round of discipline evaluation, and ranked seventh in the country.

Facing the academic frontier, facing the major strategic needs of the country, facing the national and regional economic and social development, the school adheres to the principle of “entering the mainstream, standing at the head of the tide, and going out”, deepens the construction of the public scientific research platform for physics and the development layout of the “3+2+3” disciplines, further consolidates the traditional three advantageous disciplines: theoretical physics, condensed matter physics, and optics, promotes two emerging directions with major characteristics: soft matter physics and energy physics, and vigorously develops three key platforms (neutron science research platform, High-resolution near-point particle detection physics platform, ultrafast and strong laser physics platform).
The Center for Neutron Science and Technology, School of Physics, Sun Yat-sen University, was established in May 2020. Adhering to the development concept of “openness, cooperation, frontier and innovation”, the center is facing the international academic frontier, facing the national strategic needs, facing the national and regional economic and social development, carrying out basic and applied research related to neutron science and technology, promoting the development of neutron science disciplines, and is currently building China’s first high-energy direct geometric inelastic neutron scattering time-of-flight spectrometer (neutron spectrometer).

Neutron Science and Technology is a characteristic research field focused on the development of the School of Physics of Sun Yat-sen University. The goal of the center is to build a scientific research institution featuring neutron-related technologies, such as open sharing, unity and cooperation, cutting-edge innovation and perfect team. The high-energy non-elascophetrometer of Sun Yat-sen University is being built in China for spallation neutron sources, which will become an ideal platform for research on the dynamic properties of matter. In recent years, the school has built a number of advanced instruments and equipment, including comprehensive physical property measurement system, high-pressure optical floating furnace, X-ray diffractometer and other advanced instruments and equipment material preparation and physical property characterization sub-platform, as well as neutron experiment simulation analysis and material calculation sub-platform with strong computing power. 
Relying on the platform advantages and location characteristics of Sun Yat-sen University, the discipline of neutron science is currently showing a trend of rapid development, and according to the needs of development, it is now recruiting relevant talents for the society.

Recruitment positions

01 Neutron spectrometer operation and maintenance management post

Application Requirements: 
1. Background in science and engineering is preferred; 
2. Have a master’s or doctoral degree; 
3. Experience in neutron research or experience in instrument maintenance and R&D is preferred; 
4. Have good professional ethics and teamwork spirit, work hard to study business, love and dedication. 
Job Responsibilities and Technical Requirements: 
1. Participate in the construction of high-energy inelastic neutron scattering time-of-flight spectrometer, and participate in the design, installation and commissioning of core components; 
2. Participate in the operation, maintenance, management, upgrading and transformation of the spectrometer. 
3. The Center for Excellence in Conditions will support the application for the position of deputy senior or senior professional title of the “Hundred Talents Program” of Sun Yat-sen University, and undertake the corresponding work responsibilities of spectrometer scientists.

02 Salary package and post-employment management

The personnel recruited to the above positions are hired in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Measures for the Management of Contract Employment Personnel of Sun Yat-sen University”, and the salary and treatment are implemented with reference to the corresponding post level of the school’s career establishment personnel.

03 Contact

Applicants can contact the director or secretary of the center by email or telephone, and provide personal resume and other information, and please indicate the application for the neutron spectrometer operation and maintenance management position. 
Contact address: School of Physics, Sun Yat-sen University, No. 135 Xingang West Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province 
Director Wang Meng 020-84113039 
Secretary of the Center Fang Chunxia 020-84113418

The School of Physics of Sun Yat-sen University recruits talents

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