The collaborative team was invited to publish a review article on the photocatalytic conversion of biomass into syngas

Recently, the team of Wang Feng, a researcher at the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the team of Wang Min, a researcher at Dalian University of Technology, were invited to publish a review article on the photocatalytic conversion of biomass to synthesized gas in Chemical Research Review.

Photo courtesy of Dalian Chemical Properties

This review systematically summarizes the series of progress of Wang Feng’s team in the field of photocatalytic conversion of biomass to syngas: in 2020, the process of photocatalytic biomass to syngas was reported; By constructing surface proton acceptors and semi-collattice heterogeneous interfaces, the formation of syngas on cadmium sulfide was promoted. A biomass photocatalytic controllable oxidation reforming strategy was developed to promote the formation of carbon monoxide. The crystal plane effect of photocatalytic oxidative reforming of biomass on titanium dioxide was revealed, and selective regulation was realized. A photoelectric catalytic system was developed to realize the precipitation of hydrogen and carbon monoxide at the cathode and anode, respectively.

This review also systematically analyzes the problems and challenges faced by selective regulation in the process of biomass photocatalytic production of syngas, and looks forward to the future development direction. (Source: Sun Danning, China Science News)

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