The college will apply for a name change to Henan University of Electronic Technology

On May 12, Zhongyuan Institute of Technology held the second faculty and staff congress of the 9th session.


At the meeting, Jia Shaoxin, Secretary of the Party Committee, made a work report entitled “Cohesion to Undertake the Mission, Pragmatically and Conscientiously Open a New Situation, and Prepare for the Decisive Battle and Victory to Prepare for the Establishment of Henan University of Electronic Science and Technology in Unity”, comprehensively summarized the four important things that the school will focus on in 2022, as well as the achievements of daily work in party building, talent training, connotation construction, governance efficiency and other aspects, systematically reported the preparatory work of Henan University of Electronic Science and Technology, and objectively analyzed the difficulties and challenges faced by the university on the way forward. Ten key tasks for 2023 have been clarified: first, in-depth study, publicity and implementation of the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China; The second is to carry out a solid education on the theme of studying and implementing Xi Jinping’s thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era; The third is to continue to deepen the rectification of inspection problems; The fourth is to apply for the renaming of Henan University of Electronic Technology; The fifth is to start the construction of the airport campus project; Sixth, promote the implementation of the reshaping of discipline colleges; Seventh, establish the position of talent training center; Eighth, continue to improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation; The ninth is to increase the introduction of high-end talents; Tenth, open up new channels for foreign cooperation in running schools.

Jia Shaoxin pointed out that today’s Zhongyuan Institute of Technology is closer than ever to achieving a renamed university, and finally achieving this goal is the long march for our generation of workers, Zhongyuan Institute of Technology has stood at the key juncture of transformation and development, facing new challenges and rare historical opportunities, in this critical period, we urgently need to widely unite and condense the strength of the faculty and staff of the whole university, grasp the opportunity in the predicament, seek breakthroughs in the opportunity, seek a good situation, and jointly promote the high-quality development of the school’s undertakings. In order to implement the spirit of the meeting, three requirements were put forward: first, face the challenges, seize opportunities, and continuously improve the core competitiveness; The second is to clearly understand the situation, improve the position, and strengthen the confidence to build a high-level university; The third is to strengthen overall planning, pay close attention to implementation, and gather the strong momentum of entrepreneurship.
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