The domestic journal Advanced Ceramics (English) officially returned to China

At the beginning of the new year of 2023, the first issue of Volume 12 of the Journal of Advanced Ceramics, an English scientific and technological journal of Tsinghua University Press, was officially published on SciOpen, an international digital publishing platform for scientific and technological journals independently developed by Tsinghua University Press and has independent intellectual property rights, marking the end of the “borrowing ship to sea” mode of “borrowing ships to go to sea” for many years and returning to local independent operation!

Advanced Ceramics (English) was founded in 2012 with academic support from the State Key Laboratory of New Ceramics and Fine Crafts, School of Materials Sciences, Tsinghua University, and edited by Professor Li Longtu, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Tsinghua University. The journal mainly publishes high-quality original research and review academic papers in the field of advanced ceramics, and is committed to building an academic exchange platform in the field of advanced ceramics in the world, leading and promoting the development of advanced ceramics. In 11 years of collaboration with international publishing group Springer Nature, the journal published 11 volumes and 663 papers. Looking back on more than ten years of struggle, “Advanced Ceramics (English)” started from a new journal, gradually developed and expanded, and achieved great results: in February 2016, it was included in the SCIE database; In 2019, the impact factor reached 2.889, ranking fifth among 28 similar international journals, entering the Q1 area for the first time, and successfully selected into the “China Science and Technology Journals Excellence Action Plan Echelon Journal Project”; In 2021, the impact factor further jumped to 11.534, becoming the first ceramic journal in the world to exceed 10.0.

The SciOpen platform, the “new home” of Advanced Ceramics (English), was independently developed by Tsinghua University Press and officially launched in June 2022. The platform integrates the rich experience of Tsinghua University Press in running international journals, takes into account the development needs of journals and user experience, supports digital production, all-media release, international communication and journal operation data analysis, and realizes the digital production, release and dissemination of cloud-based and customizable scientific and technological journals in the whole process. Up to now, the SciOpen platform has launched more than 30 English journals and more than 12,000 articles, and has achieved smooth docking with international general search engines, publishing standardization organizations, important academic index databases, etc., and runs well.

Advanced Ceramics (English) officially returned to China, marking its gradual development into a truly independent Chinese English-language scientific and technological journal. Relevant comrades of Tsinghua University Press said that next, “Advanced Ceramics (English)” will work hand in hand with the SciOpen platform to benchmark world-class journals and international publishing platforms, realize the international dissemination of journals on the domestic platform, and make China’s self-founded scientific and technological journals and publishing platforms truly discovered and recognized by the world!

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