The ETS-Data traffic data sharing platform has been indexed by DCI, a world-renowned data citation index

Recently, it was jointly designed and built by Tsinghua University Press and Tsinghua University School of Vehicles and VehiclesETS-Data traffic data sharing platform, which was indexed by the data citation index database DCI (Data Citation Index) based on the Web of Science core collection platform, becoming the first scientific data sharing platform in China’s transportation field included in the library.



Data published in ETS-Data can be retrieved in DCI for discovery, use, and citation by researchers worldwide. This inclusion further enhances the international dissemination of ETS-Data’s open dataset, marking that the data collected and published by ETS-Data has reached the international academic level. In the process of continuously collecting and publishing high-quality transportation digital resources at home and abroad, ETS-Data will continue to enhance the international discourse power of China’s transportation and contribute to the development and innovation of transportation disciplines.

Data sharing, code sharing

ETS-Data traffic data sharing platform is positioned as a publicly accessible transportation shared database for researchers around the world, providing necessary files including data, code, experimental design and other results reproduction, all files can be downloaded free of charge within the framework of the protocol, and each data has a permanent DOI identifier.

ETS-Data supports correlation with journal papers, further ensures the academic quality of papers, improves the reproducibility of research and the transparency of the research process, and enhances the reuse of data to support data sharing and code open source policies in the transportation field, and promote the discovery and interoperability of transportation research data. Communications in Transportation Research and Journal of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles have becomeThe first batch of English scientific and technical journals settled in ETS-Data. Both journals require all accepted manuscripts to submit a Replication Package, code and data sharing

Data Citation Index

The Data Citation Index (DCI) database, based on the Web of Science’s core collection platform, connects research data with a wide range of powerful discovery tools, enabling researchers to quickly and easily identify and obtain the most relevant data. Explore the relevant data supporting the study in the context of the academic research literature, making it easier and faster to reveal the interconnections between research excellence and research data, and gain a deeper understanding of the research. Once you are on the Web of Science page, select the Data Citation Index in the database selection to use.

The first batch of English scientific and technical journals settled in ETS-Data

Communications in Transportation Research

Transport Research Newsletter

Journal of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles

Intelligent Connected Vehicles (US)

Welcome to share traffic data with ETS-Data to help the discovery and interoperability of traffic data!

Journals or institutions interested in ETS-Data are welcome to contact

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