The exclusive financial service plan for innovation and entrepreneurship was released

On November 7, the 3rd Shanghai Intelligent Transportation Forum with the theme of “Digital Intelligence and Low Carbon” hosted by the Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission opened.
In the keynote speech of the main forum, Fang Shouen, Secretary of the Party Committee of Tongji University, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Thinking on the Development Path of Intelligent Networked Transportation”, focusing on the strategic needs and development ideas of the vehicle-road integrated intelligent networked transportation system, as well as the exploration and practice of Tongji University in large scientific devices, testing and evaluation systems, standards and specifications, major project demonstrations, and top-notch talent training. He pointed out that intelligent networked transportation has become a global consensus to break through the bottleneck of road traffic efficiency and safety, and it is the commanding heights of global competitiveness reconstruction and scientific and technological innovation.

Scenario release. Courtesy of Tongji University
On the same day, at the trade and investment matchmaking meeting of the 6th CIIE, Tongji Innovation and Entrepreneurship Holdings Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Bank of China Shanghai Branch, and Bank of China’s “Huantongji” exclusive financial service plan for innovation and entrepreneurship was released.
The two sides will further strengthen cooperation in the field of transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and Bank of China will provide comprehensive financial support for the industrial operation and development of Tongji University, and jointly serve the construction of the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem around Tongji.
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