The four universities in Beijing will be evacuated to Xiong’an

Hebei News Network and Hebei Great Wall Network recently reported that China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Beijing Jiaotong University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing Forestry University, four Beijing “double first-class” universities will be evacuated to Xiong’an New Area, Hebei Province, and are expected to enroll students in the fall of 2025 and all relocate in 2035.
According to Hebei Great Wall Network, the four universities are expected to complete the first phase of the project in the year after (2025), enroll students in the fall of that year, and all will be relocated by 2035.

Beijing Jiaotong University Xiong’an Campus Master Plan Selection Plan. Image source: Beijing Jiaotong University WeChat public account

A collaborative innovation alliance between the four universities will be established

Hebei News Network mentioned that to establish a collaborative innovation alliance of the four universities, students from the four universities will be able to choose courses from each other, teachers will teach across schools, and multi-schools will jointly train graduate students, and the libraries, gymnasiums and other public service facilities of the four universities will also be jointly built and shared, and there will be many cross-school clubs to allow open minds and innovative thinking to fully exchange.
In addition, on the basis of running their respective disciplines, the four universities should jointly build characteristic disciplines, interdisciplinary disciplines and subject groups, and support the close cooperation between the universities and scientific research institutes in Hebei and Xiong’an; It is also necessary to cooperate with relevant central enterprises to form an industrial innovation and development alliance to create a whole-process innovation ecological chain.

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