The Fudan MOSS team responded to the closed test: I didn’t expect to attract so much attention

China News Network, February 21 (Zhongxin Financial Reporter Song Yusheng) Recently, it was reported that it was learned from the Natural Language Processing Laboratory of Fudan University that the first conversational large-scale language model MOSS in China has been released to the public platform, inviting the public to participate in internal testing. The reporter noted on the 21st that the platform issued an announcement to thank everyone for their attention, but also pointed out that MOSS is still a very immature model, and there is still a long way to go from ChatGPT. The announcement said that the original idea was just to test MOSS internally so that it could be further optimized, and did not expect to attract such a lot of attention. “After MOSS completes the preliminary verification, we will open source the experience code and model parameters of MOSS for your reference. The birth of the Chinese version of ChatGPT also requires the efforts of all AI practitioners in China, and it is also necessary to constantly interact with people to improve capabilities. ”


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