The graduation ceremony of the 2022 graduate students of Xi’an Jiaotong University was held

The scene of the ceremony in the South Square of Hanying Building

Lu Jianjun, secretary of the Party Committee, delivered a speech

Representatives of graduates spoke

Chorus school song (all pictures above are provided by Xi’an Jiaotong University)

On the morning of July 3rd, the graduation ceremony of the 2022 graduate students of Xi’an Jiaotong University was held in the South Square of Hanying Building, a science and technology innovation port in western China, and 3896 graduates will start a new journey of life. The ceremony was held online and offline simultaneously.

Lu Jianjun, secretary of the Party Committee of Xi’an Jiaotong University, sent a message to the graduates: “You must not fail to live up to the great mission entrusted by this great era, and I hope that you will bear in mind the entrustment of General Secretary Xi Jinping, be determined to rejuvenate the nation, inherit the spirit of westward migration, closely link your personal struggle with the future of the motherland and the progress of society, and do something worthy of your predecessors, the times, the youth, and the party and the people in your career, and strive to be the party’s talents and the pillars of the country in the new journey of the second centenary goal!” ”

Wang Shuguo, president of Xi’an Jiaotong University, sent a message to the graduates: “You are like small boats sailing out of the innovation port and sailing to all directions of the motherland and all over the world, but the innovation port is your eternal harbor. I look forward to another ten or twenty years, when you become a giant ship and a big ship, the Innovation Harbor will still be your anchorage! ”

Executive Vice President Zheng Qinghua introduced the graduation of graduate students in 2022. A total of 3896 graduate students graduated this year, showing four characteristics: First, actively serving the national strategy, 2199 graduate students rushed to the country’s key areas and key positions to make achievements; The second is to practice the spirit of westward migration, 1356 graduate students choose to stay in the western region to work, and the enthusiasm of youth will be thrown on the broad stage of the grassroots; The third is to deeply participate in global governance, with more than 500 graduate students participating in internships, training, exchanges and other activities in international organizations; The fourth is to actively participate in innovation and entrepreneurship, the results continue to emerge, students in the seventh national college students “Internet +” competition national finals, “challenge cup” competition, the tenth Chinese college students of the year, the national robot competition and other scientific and technological innovation competitions have repeatedly won awards.

Rong Mingzhe, executive deputy secretary of the party committee, announced the “Decision on Commending Outstanding Graduate Graduates, Outstanding Graduate Cadres, and Graduates employed in Key Grassroots Units in 2022”, awarded 420 graduate students the title of “Excellent Graduates”, conferred the title of “Outstanding Graduate Cadre” to 193 graduate students, and commended and rewarded 145 graduates who took the initiative to go to grass-roots units in the western region and national defense and military industrial units for employment and admission as selected and transferred students.

Subsequently, alumni representatives, vice chairman and general manager of Xi’an Shaanxi Drum Power Co., Ltd., Mr. Chen Dangmin, a 1983 alumnus of Xi’an Jiaotong University, Zhang Lei, teacher representative, professor of the School of Physics and doctoral supervisor, Deng Yujiao of the Second Clinical Medical College, Yang Sien of the School of Electrical Engineering, Xu Da of the School of Habitat, and Guo Qiang of the School of Management and The School of International Education spoke separately.

Xu Xianliang, Liu Rena, Shen Jiali and Mu Xiong from Rwanda led all medical graduates to take an oath: “Health is related, life is entrusted… I would like to abide by medical ethics… Make every effort to save lives and help the injured, and strive for the development of the motherland’s medical undertakings and health causes for life! “The youth oath of the medical student is sonorous and powerful.

“Carry forward the spirit of moving west, be committed to patriotic struggle, and forge ahead… Jiaotong University youth, cast the glory of tomorrow! The graduates of the Class of 2022 who are about to enter the workplace, led by Li He of the School of Chemical Engineering, Ding Yu of the Dynamic College, Shi Tangqi of the Faculty of Telecommunications, Wang Huixuan of the School of Management, Wei Ke from Nigeria from the School of Astronautics and the School of International Education, and Chai Guankun of the Habitat College, issued a declaration at the graduation ceremony. After the declaration, all the participants sang the school song “Light for the World”. In the chorus of “Singing the Motherland”, the ceremony came to a successful end.

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