The new technology of probiotic single-cell quality inspection helps the development of the industry

Recently, the reporter learned from the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Process of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that the single-cell center of the institute, together with the China Institute of Food Fermentation Industry and other units, developed the probiotic single-cell quality inspection technology SCIVVS based on the Raman group principle, which provides a new solution for probiotic quality inspection. The study was published in the journal Metagenomics.

Based on the Raman group principle, probiotic single-cell quality inspection technology was invented SCIVVS single-cell center

The market size of probiotic products has reached nearly 100 billion, but limited by quality inspection methods, there is a large number of “fish eye mixed beads” phenomenon. Traditional methods mostly rely on isolated culture or metagenomic sequencing, which is time-consuming, costly, and difficult to rapidly determine cell viability. Metabolic vitality and its intercellular heterogeneity, complex probiotic products are difficult to in-depth quality inspection, cumbersome processes, and difficult to automate. These limitations make it difficult for probiotic products to be fast, low-cost, comprehensive and in-depth quality inspection, hindering the healthy development of the probiotic industry.

In view of this industrial bottleneck, the research team led by Zhang Jia, associate researcher of the Single Cell Center of Qingdao Institute of Energy, Ren Lihui, senior engineer, and other teams, together with the China Food Fermentation Industry Research Institute, Qingdao Donghai Pharmaceutical and Qingdao Xingsai Biotechnology, developed a method called SCIVVS (Single-Cell Identification, Viability and Vitality tests) based on the Raman group principle Source-tracking) single-cell precision probiotic quality inspection technology system.

For probiotic products, this technology extracts all cells for heavy water feeding and high-throughput acquisition of single-cell Raman spectroscopy, instead of first extracting total nucleic acids or plate culture. Then, on each Raman spectrum, its fingerprint region was used to quickly complete the species identification of each cell based on the comparison with the probiotic single-cell Raman spectral reference database.

By constructing a Raman spectroscopy database of standard strains of 21 legally edible probiotics, the quality inspection technology system can achieve an average resolution accuracy of up to 93%. At the same time, using its heavy water utilization peak, the activity and metabolic activity of each cell can be quantified for each species. Furthermore, Raman activated single-cell sorting technology can quickly obtain single cells of target species or target metabolic activity, so as to dock downstream single-cell whole genome sequencing or culture.

Xu Jian, director of the Single Cell Center, introduced: “SCIVVS technology system has the advantages of speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness, low cost and easy automation, which can be more than 20 times faster than traditional methods, but the cost is only 1/10 of traditional methods. It can complete the live cell counting, viability quantification, viability heterogeneity measurement and traceability of each species without culture, high precision, automation and one-stop, which is expected to form a new technical standard. ”

In the next step, the cooperation team will cooperate with leading enterprises in the probiotic industry to establish a “standardized”, “one-stop” and “public welfare” technical service system to provide a solution for standardizing the quality of probiotic products from the production end to the consumer end.

This work has been supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province and the National Key Research and Development Program Young Scientist Program. (Source: China Science News, Liao Yang, Liu Yang, Kong Fengru)

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