The research on new green high-effect vegetable preservation materials has made a breakthrough

With the rise of “Healthy China” to a national strategy, people’s demand for green, organic, healthy and safe food is increasing, and the research on fruit and vegetable preservation materials has also entered a new stage. The research and development of green and efficient new fruit and vegetable preservatives to replace traditional chemical preservatives has become a hot spot in the field of fruit and vegetable preservation technology at home and abroad.

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The freshness effect and bacteriostatic properties of chitosan composite coating film on mango and papaya. Courtesy of the Chinese Academy of Thermal Sciences

Recently, the Research Laboratory of New Dry Farming Materials of the South Asian Institute of Tropical Crops of the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the Institute of South Asian Studies) published a research paper in Food Chemistry. The biggest highlight of the study is the natural polymer material chitosan extracted from shrimp and crab shells as the main raw material, and the new green and efficient coating film preservation material has been successfully developed by using molecular modification and material composite technology, which solves the key problems of poor water solubility and difficult application of chitosan, and significantly improves the film formation and antibacterial properties of chitosan; the film with porous network structure formed through physical crosslinking between different molecules plays a role in isolating the entry of microorganisms and foreign pollutants, inhibiting and killing harmful bacteria, and regulating the respiratory intensity of fruits and vegetables. Thus achieving efficient preservation. The results show that chitosan composite coated film preservation material is a new type of green high-effect vegetable preservation material, which has a safe and non-toxic, easy to use and long-lasting and efficient preservation effect, and has broad application prospects in the field of tropical fruit and vegetable preservation. (Source: China Science Daily, Zhang Qingdan, Zhao Huiyang)

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