The School of Automotive Industry of Shanghai Open University was established

Focusing on “intelligent networked vehicles” and “new energy vehicles”, Shanghai has set up tailor-made majors and courses, and has focused on the cultivation of new energy vehicle talents.

On November 10, the People’s Government of Jiading District and Shanghai Open University reached a strategic cooperation intention between the district and the school, signed a cooperation agreement between the district and the school, and established the School of Automotive Industry of Shanghai Open University.

Jia Wei (right), Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Shanghai Open University, and Tang Dongying, Deputy Mayor of Jiading District, unveiled the plaque of the Automotive Industry College. Courtesy of Shanghai Open University

Zhou Yaming, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Municipal Education and Health Work and director of the Municipal Education Commission, said that Jiading District, as one of the strategic emerging areas in Shanghai, has long become a business card for the development of Shanghai’s automobile industry, and an important source of power to promote the higher-quality integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta. The establishment of the industrial college of Shanghai Open University has brought new development and new forms of business to the fields of school-enterprise cooperation talent training and the reform of the continuing education model of dual employees.

Lu Fangzhou, Secretary of the Jiading District Party Committee, hopes that the newly established Automobile Industry College can closely combine industry and teaching, strengthen the in-depth cooperation between the school and the industry and enterprises, scientifically do a good job in the docking of supply and demand, and accelerate the construction of a new pattern of high-quality application-oriented talent training.

Lou Junjiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Open University, said that it will strengthen district-school cooperation and school-enterprise linkage, create automotive professional groups and courses, organize various automotive industry skill competitions, carry out “double-teacher” teacher team building, and jointly build a team of teachers combining professional teachers, training lecturers and enterprise mentors, and strive to cultivate more talents for the construction of the core bearing area of the world-class automobile industry center in Jiading District and the construction of the international automobile city industry-city integration demonstration zone.

In the next step, we will focus on the job skills and academic needs of the development of the whole industry chain of Jiading Automobile, give full play to the advantages of Shanghai Open University’s “open + platform + system”, integrate the advantages of the school, government and enterprise, strengthen the integration of industry and education, district-school cooperation, and school-enterprise cooperation, and jointly build a “dual system” characteristic industry college for on-the-job personnel, and establish a long-term mechanism for the co-cultivation of job skilled talents through “attracting enterprises into schools” and “introducing schools into enterprises”.

(Original title: Shanghai Open University Automotive Industry College was established to build a long-term mechanism for the co-cultivation of skilled talents)
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