The School of Earth Sciences and Spatial Information Engineering of Hunan University of Science and Technology was inaugurated Aiming at frontier fields such as air and space technology and deep earth and deep sea

In order to aim at frontier fields such as aerospace science and technology, deep earth and deep sea, and carry out key scientific problems and core common technologies, Hunan University of Science and Technology optimized the discipline layout and established the School of Earth Science and Spatial Information Engineering. On May 28, the college was officially inaugurated.

The 21st century is an era of vigorous development of earth science and space information engineering, deep-sea and deep-earth exploration technology helps human beings understand nature and continuously expand new horizons, while space and marine technology continues to expand new frontiers for human survival and development. Actively seizing the commanding heights of science and technology in the fields of deep sea, deep space, deep earth and deep blue has become the only way for China to build a major scientific center and innovation highland in the world.

“The newly established School of Earth Sciences and Spatial Information Engineering began in 1980 as the Department of Geology and Surveying of the former Xiangtan Mining College, and the Department of Geography of the former Xiangtan Normal College in 1986, which have the two characteristics of the resource environment and teacher education of our school.” Tang Yayang, secretary of the Party Committee of Hunan University of Science and Technology, said that the establishment of the School of Earth Science and Spatial Information Engineering is the integration of inheritance and development, the concentration and focus of engineering, science and teacher training, and also an important measure to respond to the national call, serve the national strategy, promote economic and social development, and deepen the cross-integration of multiple disciplines.

“We can’t follow the old road that others have walked, we can’t chew the steamed buns that others have chewed, we must work hard, be bold, and do solid work.” Tang Yayang said that after the establishment of the college, it will face the major needs of the country and the region and the “three highs and four new” strategy of Hunan Province, focus on the development and utilization of natural resources, land spatial planning, ecological restoration, geographical national conditions monitoring and geological disaster prevention and control, focusing on exploration technology and equipment, new energy, surveying and mapping remote sensing and geography teacher education, and carry out in-depth key scientific issues and core common technologies and their achievement transformation, and continue to improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation and the level of social services.

At the unveiling ceremony, 11 industry-university-research bases and 3 innovation centers and joint technology research and development centers (mountain disaster early warning and forecasting innovation center, multi-source remote sensing and geological disaster monitoring and early warning artificial intelligence technology joint research and development center, ecological restoration and double carbon technology joint research center) jointly built with enterprises were also inaugurated.

More than 10 government departments such as Hunan Provincial Department of Natural Resources, Hunan Provincial Natural Resources Affairs Center, Hunan Provincial Geological Institute, more than 20 universities and research units such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, China University of Geosciences, and expert representatives from more than 30 enterprises such as the Hydrogeology Bureau of China Coal Geology Administration and China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. witnessed the unveiling ceremony.

Unveiling ceremony. Photo by Tang Yahui

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