The School of Physics and Electronic Science of East China Normal University invites global talents to create the future together

About the College

The School of Physics and Electronic Science was formerly known as the Department of Physics of East China Normal University. The Department of Physics, which is the same age as the University, was founded in 1951 and is one of the earliest faculties established in East China Normal University. 
The School of Physics and Electronic Science has distinctive characteristics, strong faculty and outstanding scientific research achievements, adheres to the construction direction of “taking root in the land of China and building a world-class discipline”, and cultivates compound outstanding talents with all-round development and professional strength as the purpose of running the school. The college consists of the Department of Physics, the Department of Materials Science, the Department of Electronic Science and the Institute of Precision Spectroscopy Science and Technology, and has four national, provincial and ministerial key research bases: the State Key Laboratory of Precision Spectroscopy Science and Technology, the Key Laboratory of Polarized Materials and Devices of the Ministry of Education, the Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education of Nanophotoelectric Integration and Advanced Equipment, and the Shanghai Key Laboratory of Magnetic Resonance, as well as the Shanghai Physics Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center and the Shanghai Moral Cultivation General Technology Research Base. 
The college has two first-level doctoral programs in physics and electronic science and technology; There are 2 undergraduate majors in physics (including teacher training and non-teacher training) and electronic information; It has a national key second-level discipline optics; The physics major was selected as the base of the strong base plan and the top-notch 2.0 plan. At present, the college has 289 teaching staff, including 124 teachers with senior professional titles (64 professors, 57 researchers, 3 professor-level senior engineers), and 108 teachers with associate senior professional titles (40 associate professors, 17 associate researchers, 12 senior engineers and 39 full-time associate researchers). Among them, there are 3 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (double employment), 8 national outstanding young people, 11 excellent young people, 8 overseas excellent young people, 2 young and middle-aged scientific and technological innovation leading talents, 9 new century talents of the Ministry of Education, 3 leading talents of Shanghai, 10 excellent academic leaders, and more than 100 other provincial and ministerial talent programs. 
At present, the college has a teaching and research team with young and middle-aged backbone teachers as the main body. Over the years, the college has taken the initiative to meet the major strategic needs of the country, focused on the frontier of disciplines and key issues to carry out research, undertaken various national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, and established long-term cooperative relations with more than 20 well-known foreign universities and research institutions. 
Establish virtue and cultivate people, climb high and travel far. The School of Physics and Electronic Science deeply implements the party’s education policy and various decision-making and deployment, always adheres to the lofty ideals of wisdom creation, character cultivation, and national and social development, continues to abide by the school motto spirit of seeking truth and creating and being a teacher, fully implements the fundamental task of cultivating virtue and cultivating people, further integrates the school-running resources of the college, improves the overall layout of disciplines, optimizes the talent training mode, and makes continuous efforts for the construction of the school’s “double first-class”!

Recruitment: full-time teachers


According to the needs of discipline construction and development, the School of Physics and Electronic Science of East China Normal University recruits full-time teachers for a long time at home and abroad, and recruits them according to first-level disciplines, including physics (including optics, radio physics, atomic and molecular physics, condensed matter physics, theoretical physics, materials and optoelectronics) and electronics (physical electronics, electromagnetic fields and microwave technology). Those who meet the conditions are supported to apply for various national and Shanghai municipal talent programs.

Application requirements

Academic leader

With profound academic attainments and forward-looking academic vision, it has achieved a number of high-level and original research results in the field of this discipline, and has extensive academic influence in the world, which can lead the development of this discipline.

Zijiang Outstanding Young Scholar

Should have obtained a doctoral degree or engaged in postdoctoral research in a university or research institution at home or abroad. Applicants should have been selected for the National High-level Young Talents Program or have reached the same level. The work goal is that after about six years of cultivation, the post-inductee should be selected into the national high-level talent program or reach the same level or enter the distinguished professor sequence of our university. In principle, applicants must not be more than 40 years old.

Zijiang Young Scholar

Should have obtained a doctoral degree or engaged in postdoctoral research in a university or research institution at home or abroad. It has achieved high-level research results recognized by peers and has outstanding development potential. The goal is that after about six years of cultivation, the post-employed candidates should be selected for the national high-level young talent program or reach the same level, or be promoted to senior professional and technical positions. In principle, applicants must not be more than 35 years old.

Senior professional and technical personnel

High academic level, with doctoral degree from universities or research institutions at home and abroad (in principle, candidates should also have 12 consecutive months or more of postdoctoral experience), have good academic accumulation and development potential, have achieved high-level research results recognized by peers in this research field, and can be competent for scientific research tasks in related fields of the college. Applicants who do not have two consecutive years or more of teaching and research (formal teaching) work experience can only apply for the associate senior position. In principle, the age of application is not more than 45 years old, and the age of applying for deputy senior employment is generally not more than 35 years old.

Recruitment: full-time researchers and postdoctoral fellows


Full-time scientific research positions refer to professional and technical positions established in addition to the teacher positions approved by the school, hired by contract system, specializing in scientific research, technology development and large-scale equipment management. The position is flexible, fast-paced, ready to apply and fast. 
Full-time researchers are divided into three categories: full-time researchers, full-time associate researchers and full-time assistant researchers, full-time researchers and full-time associate researchers must have doctoral degrees, and their scientific research ability and academic level should meet the employment requirements of full and associate researchers who focus on scientific research in our university in principle. Full-time scientific research personnel series recruitment time is flexible, can be applied at any time, meet the conditions can be hired, during the employment period can apply for the national, Shanghai, school various talent plans and scientific research projects, meet the conditions can apply for the school’s Zijiang outstanding young scholars, Zijiang young scholars, and domestic and foreign open recruitment positions. 
Postdoctoral applicants must obtain a doctoral degree, the doctoral degree acquisition time is generally not more than 3 years, the age is under 35 years old, and the major should meet the recruitment requirements of the relevant research group. Relevant information can be found on the official website of the college and contact the person in charge of the relevant research group, or you can consult the college personnel recruitment contact teacher. 
The above-mentioned types of talents must have good ideological and moral character and academic ethics, have excellent teacher ethics and teaching style, and abide by the professional ethics of teachers in colleges and universities; Enthusiastic about education, law-abiding, advocating scientific spirit, strong professionalism and team spirit.

Benefits Package

Welcome to join us

Salary and treatment: refer to the corresponding positions in world-class universities, provide competitive salary and room stickers; 
Scientific research funds: Provide sufficient scientific research funding support, the university also actively applies for various talent plans and subsidy programs in Shanghai, districts and counties for those who meet the conditions, and the treatment will be greatly improved after being selected; 
Office conditions: provide a good scientific research office environment and sufficient space; 
Housing conditions: during the transition period, the swing house near the school is provided, with convenient transportation, elegant environment and complete facilities, which can be directly moved in; 
Medical security: enjoy the best medical resources in Shanghai to escort your health; 
Children’s education: help solve the problem of children’s schooling, and enjoy the city’s high-quality basic education resources from kindergarten to high school (the school is within a road away).

Preview of the Young Scientists Forum

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In order to further promote academic exchanges and in-depth cooperation among outstanding young scholars at home and abroad, East China Normal University plans to hold an online international forum for young scientists (scholars) in March 2023. We sincerely invite all young scholars to gather in the cloud to exchange academic achievements, collide with sparks of ideas, enhance mutual understanding, and further strengthen mutual exchanges between young scientists (scholars) at home and abroad. 
The forum set up the main forum and sub-forums, and the sub-forums of the college were held in the form of the overall introduction of the college and the academic exchanges and interviews of young scholars. This forum has set up a green channel, and after fully understanding through the interview, you can directly enter the onboarding process. So far, the forum has been successfully held for 6 sessions, and more than 300 outstanding young scholars from many countries and regions at home and abroad have participated in exchanges and discussions. For more details, please refer to the previous links:

Zhang Bang seeks talents, cloud gathering master! The 2022 East China Normal University Young Scientists (Scholars) Online International Forum will be held soon!

School profile

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Founded on October 16, 1951, East China Normal University is a comprehensive research university jointly established by the state, under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, and jointly established by the Ministry of Education and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. In 1996, it was listed in the ranks of national key construction universities of “211 Project”, in 2006, the school entered the ranks of national “985 Project” universities, and in 2017, it was selected as a double-first-class A construction university. The school has two main campuses, Minhang and Putuo, and is known as “one of the most beautiful campuses in China”. 
The school has a complete range of disciplines and coordinated development of multiple disciplines. At present, it has 19 academicians of the two academies, more than 300 national talents, 3 national “double first-class” construction disciplines, 2 national first-level key disciplines, 5 national second-level key disciplines, 5 national key cultivation disciplines, 12 A-class disciplines in the fourth round of discipline evaluation of the Ministry of Education, 6 Shanghai peak disciplines, 12 Shanghai key disciplines and 17 Shanghai first-class disciplines. The science and engineering department of the university has 2 national key laboratories, 1 national engineering technology research center, 1 national field scientific observation and research station, 1 national international joint research center, 33 research institutions of the Ministry of Education, Shanghai and other provincial and ministerial levels; The liberal arts department of the school has 6 key research bases of humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education, 1 philosophy and social science laboratory of the Ministry of Education (cultivation), 1 national key research base for textbook construction, 6 national and regional research centers of the Ministry of Education, 2 national experimental bases for intelligent social governance, 1 national base for inheriting excellent traditional Chinese culture in ordinary colleges and universities, 1 scientific research base for the elderly of the China Association for the Ageing, 1 publishing think tank (cultivation) of the State Press and Publication Administration, and 28 Shanghai and other provincial and ministerial research institutions. At present, there are 10 top-notch student training programs in basic disciplines 2.0 bases, 2 national experimental teaching demonstration centers, 1 national virtual simulation experimental teaching center, and 9 Shanghai experimental teaching demonstration centers. 
The school adheres to the principle of cultivating virtue and cultivating people, and takes enhancing the vitality of talents as the core, formulates and implements a series of open and efficient talent introduction and cultivation policies, and cultivates a high-level talent team with international competitiveness. 
ECNU will continue to carry on the wisdom of China with an open mind, recruit talents from all directions, and work together to achieve the goal of building a world-class university by the middle of this century.


Welcome to join us

Teacher Feng

Office Tel:+86-21-54342731

The School of Physics and Electronic Science of East China Normal University is open to global talents, and looks forward to your joining us to create a better future with us.

For more information, please pay attention to:

Academy website

WeChat public account 
ECNU School of Physics and Electronic Science

IKEA should teach and grow, and sincerely invite talents to share brilliance – East China Normal University 2023 talent recruitment announcement

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