The School of Physics of Sichuan University sincerely invites talents at home and abroad

1. Introduction to the College

School of Physics of Sichuan University is one of the largest and oldest colleges of Sichuan University, the Department of Physics of Sichuan University was formally established in 1926, with a history of 95 years; not only has strong teaching and scientific research strength, but also has bred and developed the school’s radio electronics, optoelectronic technology and material science and other disciplines, made significant contributions to the development of the school, and also trained a large number of outstanding talents for the country, including 7 academicians. Founded in the 1950s, Sichuan University’s Department of Nuclear Science and Microelectronics is one of the few universities in China to have these disciplines. 
The college currently has 272 faculty members and three faculties (Department of Physics, Department of Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Technology, Department of Microelectronics), two teaching centers (Basic Physics Teaching Center and Basic Physics Experimental Teaching Center), and the Theoretical Physics Center funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China; and two research institutes (Atomic Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute and Atomic and Molecular Physics Institute). There are two key laboratories of the Ministry of Education (key laboratory of high-energy density physics and technology of the Ministry of Education and key laboratory of radiation physics and technology of the Ministry of Education); the school has a national double innovation platform – The Frontier Physics Sub-Center of Sichuan University; the physics major was selected as the first batch of top-notch experimental bases in 2009, the first batch of national strong foundation plans in 2019 and the first batch of national first-class physics professional construction points. The Department of Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Technology was selected as a national first-class major in 2020. “Quantum Science and Physics under the Novel Field” and “Accelerator-based Nuclear Science and Technology” were selected as the “double-first-class” construction advanced deployment disciplines of Sichuan University, and outstanding scientific research achievements were achieved during the construction period, and 2 papers were published in Science in the past 5 years; 1 collaborative paper was published in Nature; and 982 papers were published in Nature Materials, Nature Energy, Physical Review Letters and other important journals In the past 5 years, the school has been funded by 270 million yuan. 
The School of Physics of Sichuan University recruits global talents, and we are willing to work with you to seek the construction and development of world-class universities and first-class disciplines, and create a brilliant future for the School of Physics of Sichuan University.

2. Recruitment fields and disciplines

According to the needs of the discipline development of the college, we sincerely recruit excellent talents. Recruitment majors include plasma physics, theoretical physics, condensed matter physics, optics, atomic and molecular physics, nuclear physics and particle physics, biological materials, medical physics, nuclear technology and applications, microelectronics, and intersection with physics of nano, materials, energy and other cutting-edge disciplines.

3. Recruitment positions and requirements

1. All kinds of high-level talents, highly cited scientists, etc.; 
2. In principle, the age is not more than 40 years old; 
3. Obtained a doctorate degree from a first-class university at home and abroad, has high academic attainment and development potential, and has made certain achievements in related disciplines.

IV. Treatment:

The salary, scientific research funds, housing and other benefits of the introduced talents are implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of the school, and the college will actively cooperate to help them apply for various talent plans. In addition, in view of different situations, in addition to the provisions of the school, in terms of salary, scientific research start-up funds, scientific research rooms, etc., the college can also further improve the treatment according to its specific conditions and discuss one matter at a time.

5. Contact Information

Zhang Hong (President)

Phone: 86-28-85410238 

Wang Yannan (Personnel Officer)

Phone: 86-28-85412322 
Welcome to the School of Physics of Sichuan University!

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