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Morphologically diverse plants of the order Landmoney. Photo courtesy of the research group

Bryophytes are the second largest group of higher plants, an important component of biodiversity, and play an irreplaceable role in ecosystem balance, global carbon sequestration, active ingredient mining and drug development, and unique genetic resource reserves. As a large group of environmentally sensitive species, bryophytes are more vulnerable to environmental threats and are endangered. Establishing reliable taxonomic systems and accurately revealing the diversity of bryophytes is imperative.

It is an important branch of early terrestrial plants, and is the only group of bryophytes with stomatal chamber differentiation. Recently, the bryophytes research team of East China Normal University established a new taxonomy system and named a new genus, the genus Pseudocalyx. The relevant research results were published in the flagship journal “Clade Taxonomy” in the field of taxonomy.

In this study, the scientific research team constructed a stable and reliable phylogenetic framework based on the integration of chloroplast genome, morphology and biogeographic data through global sampling, and merged the semilunar bryophytes into the order Lycaenidae and the pseudo-clichyophytes into the family Lycaenidae, thereby establishing a new taxonomy system for geomoney.

They also found through comparative genomics that the bryophytes may be the only taxa in the order Lycaenidae with plastid RNA editing sites. The genus Pseudocalyx is distributed in Qinghai, Tibet, Sichuan, Yunnan and Nepal in China, and there is currently only one species.

It is reported that Xiang Youliang and Jin Xinjie, doctoral students of the School of Life Sciences of East China Normal University, are the co-first authors of the paper, and lecturer Shu Lei and Professor Zhu Ruiliang are co-corresponding authors. (Source: Hu Minqi, China Science News)

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