THIS Forum – 6G Intelligent Metasurface Technology Seminar was successfully held

On September 23, 2023, the THIS Forum – 6G Intelligent Metasurface Technology Seminar was successfully held. Hosted by Tsinghua University Press and co-organized by the Intelligent Metasurface Technology Alliance (RISTA), the symposium invited top scholars in the field of communication at home and abroad to gather at the academic research building of Tsinghua University to discuss the development of this frontier field of intelligent metasurface. Professor Cui Tiejun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Southeast University, Professor Wang Jiangzhou, academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering and University of Kent, Professor Zhang Rui, academician of the Singapore Academy of Engineering and Polytechnic of Hong Kong Chinese University (Shenzhen), Qiu Xianqing, president of Tsinghua University Press, Shi Lei, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and director of the Journal Center of Tsinghua University Press, Professor Jin Shi, vice president of Southeast University, Professor Song Jian of Tsinghua University, Professor Dai Linglong of Tsinghua University, and Zhao Yajun, chief engineer of ZTE Technology Pre-research, attended the meeting.

The opening ceremony of the conference was presided over by Zhang Li, deputy director of the Periodical Center of Tsinghua University Press and director of the editorial department of Information Science (Periodicals), President Qiu Xianqing first expressed a warm welcome and sincere thanks to the participating experts, he said that Tsinghua University attaches great importance to the construction of journals and platforms, and includes the cultivation of world-class scientific and technological journals in the “14th Five-Year Plan” development plan. Tsinghua University Press is the main implementation unit of Tsinghua University journal and platform construction project, information science is the key construction discipline of Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University Press gives full play to the advantages of the journal publishing professional cluster to create the Tsinghua University Information Science Journal, which has developed into the largest English professional journal group in the field of information science in China. Founded in 2020, the journal “Intelligent and Converged Network” is one of the key journals in the information science group, jointly hosted by Tsinghua University and the United Nations International Telecommunication Union, and published by Tsinghua University Press. With the joint efforts of the journal editorial board and journal publishing team led by Tsinghua University, ITU, and Song Jian, the journal has been indexed by EI, Scopus and other databases, and the CiteScore score in 2022 reached 7.2, ranking in the top 20% of Computer Networks and Communications disciplines. On behalf of Tsinghua University Press, President Qiu expressed his heartfelt thanks to the editorial board members, reviewers, authors and enthusiastic readers of the journal, and looked forward to more extensive and in-depth cooperation in journals, books, textbooks and other fields.

President Qiu Xianqing delivered a speech

Professor Song Jian introduced the purpose and preparation process of this seminar, and mentioned that this conference is based on the “Intelligent Metasurface-assisted Wireless Communication” album published by Intelligent and Converged Networks (English) in March 2022, which brings together the strength of top scholars in related fields at home and abroad, and has aroused important repercussions after publication, making outstanding contributions to the influence of the journal. In order to further enhance the dissemination of academic content and provide more in-depth communication opportunities for scholars in the field of intelligent metasurfaces, Professor Song Jian and the guest editorial team of the album jointly planned this event, hoping to provide assistance for the sustainable development of the hot field of intelligent metasurfaces. He called on teachers in the field of communication to pay attention to and support the journal “Intelligent and Converged Networks”, participate in the work of the journal, gradually form an academic community in the field, and promote the dissemination of academic ideas.

Professor Song Jian delivered a speech

Academician Cui Tiejun, chairman of RISTA, said in his opening speech that 6G is the next commanding height in the field of information and communication, and intelligent metasurface is one of the hot directions of current 6G research, which is expected to become an important infrastructure for 6G in the future. However, to fully exploit the potential of RIS technology, interdisciplinary cooperation in multiple fields is required, and academia and industry need to work together to jointly promote the application of RIS technology in future 6G networks.

Academician Cui Tiejun delivered a speech

The first half of the invited report was chaired by Professor Dai Linglong. Academician Wang Jiangzhou made a report entitled “RIS Assisted Covert Communication”, in which he quantified the gain brought by the introduction of RIS and revealed the release law of RIS on the constraint relationship between performance indicators in view of the problems of confidential signal leakage caused by the openness of wireless channels. Academician Zhang Rui gave a report entitled “Intelligent Reflective Surface Meets Synaesthesia Integration: New Opportunities and Challenges of 6G”, in which he pushed the research frontier of IRS from communication to sensing and integrated sensing and communication. Professor Jin Shi gave a report entitled “Theory and Practice of Wireless Coverage Enhancement Based on Intelligent Metasurface”, this report focuses on the theme of intelligent metasurface enabling a new generation of mobile communications, and introduces relevant progress and achievements around the theory and practice of wireless coverage enhancement. Professor Zhang Jianhua made a report entitled “Research on New Characteristics and Modeling Methods of Ultra-large-scale Antenna Channel for 6G”, focusing on the favorable propagation phenomenon and near-field space non-stationary characteristics in ultra-large-scale MIMO, focusing on the research results of E-MIMO channel measurement and near-field non-stationary characteristic modeling. After the first half of the report, the participating experts took a group photo and had a lively discussion during the coffee break.

Academician Wang Jiangzhou

Academician Zhang Rui

Professor Jinshi

Professor Zhang Jianhua

The second half of the special invited report was presided over by Chief Engineer Zhao Yajun. Professor Jiayi Zhang made a report entitled “Research on RIS Assisted Cellular Massive MIMO System”, focusing on the main advantages and key technical challenges of RIS-assisted cellular massive MIMO system, and gave solutions and future prospects. Associate Professor Gao Zhen gave a report entitled “Intelligent Metasurface Communication Perception Integration under Beam Shift Effect”, in which he explained the role that VLRIS can play in the above challenges in channel estimation and localization under THz mixed-field beam shift effect. Professor Pan Cunhua gave a report entitled “Ultra-large-scale MIMO near-field communication and perception technology”, he introduced the basic theory and key technologies of applying ultra-large-scale MIMO near-field communication, and proposed the positioning algorithm in the near-field spherical wave channel environment and the prospect of future research directions. Researcher Liu Ruiqi made a report entitled “Progress of Intelligent Reflective Surface Testing and Standardization”, he took the achievements of ZTE team as an example, showed the latest progress in the research and development, field testing and standardization of intelligent metasurface prototypes in the industrial industry, and discussed the future research and standardization direction.

From left to right: Prof. Jiayi Zhang, Prof. Zhen Gao, Prof. Cunhua Pan, Prof. Ruiqi Liu

The conference ended successfully in the heated discussion of more than 70 experts attending the conference and more than 35,000 viewers watching the live broadcast online. With the joint efforts of the scientific community, business community and publishing, “Intelligent and Converged Network” will surely continue to develop with high quality, rapidly grow into the world’s top journal in the field of communications, and contribute more to China’s leading the development of information technology and building a world science and technology power.

Group photo of participating experts

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