Tianjin announced the construction plan of Tiankai Higher Education Science and Technology Innovation Park

Notice of Tianjin Municipal People’s Government on printing and distributing the planning plan for the construction of Tiankai Higher Education Science and Technology Innovation Park

The relevant committees, offices and bureaus of the people’s governments of all districts and municipal governments:

The “Tiankai Higher Education Science and Technology Innovation Park Construction Planning Plan” is hereby issued to you, and we hope to comply with it.

Tianjin Municipal People’s Government

March 28, 2023

Tiankai Higher Education Science and Technology Innovation Park construction planning plan

The planning and construction of the Tiankai Higher Education Science and Technology Innovation Park (hereinafter referred to as Tiankai Park) is an important measure for the city to deeply implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education, the strategy of strengthening the country with talents, and the strategy of innovation-driven development, and to make every effort to build a highland of scientific and technological innovation, which is of great significance to give full play to the innovation advantages and source functions of colleges and universities, further promote the integration of industry and education, integrate science and education, and support and lead the construction of a modern socialist metropolis. In order to plan and build Tiankai Park with high quality, benchmark first-class science and technology innovation parks at home and abroad, and combine the actual conditions of the city to formulate this plan.

1. General requirements

(1) Guiding ideology

Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, deeply implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, fully implement the important requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s “three efforts” and the spirit of a series of important instructions and instructions on Tianjin’s work, firmly defend the “two establishments”, resolutely achieve the “two safeguards”, adhere to science and technology as the primary productive force, talents as the primary resource, and innovation as the primary driving force, in accordance with the deployment of the 12th Municipal Party Congress, deeply promote the major national strategy of coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and focus on the functional positioning of “one base and three zones”, With the strategic goal of building a source of scientific and technological innovation and cultivating new drivers of economic development, we will further innovate the system and mechanism, rely on colleges and universities to gather wisdom, gather talents and gather industries, make every effort to build a highland of scientific and technological innovation, build a high-level innovative city, and promote the formation of a benign development pattern in which universities and cities nourish, empower and complement each other.

(2) Basic principles

– Building a system and opening up construction. Build Tiankai Park in accordance with the system engineering systematization, clarify the construction concept and construction positioning, and form an innovation and entrepreneurship ecology. Adhere to open construction, step-by-step implementation, establish and improve management systems, operating mechanisms, and policy support, boldly break through, boldly try, and ensure that a blueprint is drawn to the end.

— The government sets up the stage and the market operates. Stimulate the vitality of market innovation from the institutional mechanism, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of various subjects such as universities, teachers and students, alumni, regions, carriers, etc., jointly participate in the construction and operation of the park’s carrier platform, and effectively improve the level and level of resource agglomeration of innovation elements through independent construction, independent operation, open cooperation, joint construction and sharing.

— Revitalizing stocks and expanding increments. Coordinate space carrier resources, insist on “incremental value” for “stock space” and “hard core value” for “incremental space”. While promoting the construction of “incremental space”, we will use the urban renewal plan to repair and beautify the old community, provide entrepreneurs with high-quality and low-cost entrepreneurial space, and meet the needs of multi-level space carriers.

——Establishing a business with use and integrating industry and education. Industry-oriented, application-oriented, focus on promoting the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, give full play to the role of universities in advantageous disciplines, build a cooperation platform for industrial docking, school-enterprise cooperation, scene application, talent training, etc., provide full-chain carrier services for scientific and technological research and development, achievement transformation and industrialization, and promote scientific and technological achievement services to support the high-quality development of the industrial chain.

– Opening up and gathering to create an ecology. Gather global resources with a global perspective, take the initiative to undertake the functional relief of Beijing’s non-capital, and introduce leading enterprises and R&D headquarters founded by well-known alumni; Gather public technology platforms and professional and technical managers to create a gathering place for science and technology finance and technology service industries; Improve all kinds of living facilities and communication space, and form a smart, efficient, convenient and comfortable innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

(3) Overall layout

Focusing on the development law and factor characteristics of the science and technology innovation park, combined with the city’s regional resource endowment and development needs, Tiankai Park focuses on building an overall spatial development layout of “one core and two wings” and radiating the whole city, that is, with the Nankai District Huantiannan Medical University Area as the core area, the University Town Area of Xiqing District as the west wing expansion area, and the Haihe Education Park area of Jinnan District as the east wing expansion area, forming a “one core” based on R&D incubation and a “two wings” based on R&D transformation industrialization.

(4) Functional positioning

Systematically layout innovation elements, optimize the allocation of innovation resources, rely on key universities and “national brand” innovation platforms, and create a source of scientific and technological innovation with breakthroughs in key core technologies, transformation of scientific and technological achievements into key points, and deep integration of innovation chain and industrial chain; With public innovation space, science and technology business incubators and university science and technology parks as the carrier, we will create an incubator for scientific research achievements in which teachers and students of colleges and universities burst into innovation and entrepreneurship, high-growth technology-based enterprises emerge, and a first-class entrepreneurial environment; With institutional and mechanism innovation as the driving force, create a scientific and technological service resource agglomeration area with highly intensive innovation elements, perfect scientific and technological service formats, rich financial service products, high-level talent gathering, and complete supporting facilities for high-quality life.

(5) Development goals

By 2027, the development pattern of “one core and two wings” will initially take shape, and the cross-regional spatial layout from R&D and incubation to achievement transformation and industrialization will be realized. The construction of the core area has achieved remarkable results, and the space carrier area put into operation exceeds 500,000 square meters; The expansion zone has invested about 1.5 square kilometers of industrial land to build Tiankai Smart Town; introduced and incubated nearly 1,000 science and technology enterprises, attracted more than 5,000 high-level talents, and the annual output value reached 50 billion yuan; built 2 to 3 innovative industrial clusters associated with the connotation of advantageous disciplines of universities, and the aggregation effect of innovation factors and the radiation driving role of the park appeared.

By 2030, Tiankai Park will become the key support and main platform for the city to build an important source of independent innovation and the main source of original innovation. The development and construction of the core area is basically completed, the space carrier area put into operation exceeds 1 million square meters, the expansion area invests about 7 square kilometers of industrial land, the resources of Tianjin University, Nankai University and related universities are highly concentrated in the park, and more than 1,500 science and technology enterprises have been introduced and incubated, attracting more than 30 leading enterprises founded by well-known domestic alumni to settle in, attracting 10,000 high-level talents, and the annual output value reaches 100 billion yuan. Build 3 to 5 innovative industrial clusters related to the connotation of advantageous disciplines of colleges and universities, and become a new growth pole leading and supporting the high-quality economic development of the city.

Looking forward to 2035, a future science and technology ecosystem will be formed with the agglomeration of innovation factors, the integration of large and small enterprises, the gathering of talents at home and abroad, the integration of history and humanities, and the green, ecological and livable. The space carrier area of the core area exceeds 2 million square meters, and the expansion area has invested more than 20 square kilometers of industrial land, cultivating and forming 3 to 5 new industrial tracks leading the country, with an annual output value of 200 billion yuan. Under the development pattern of “one core and two wings” and radiating the whole city, the innovation advantages and source functions of colleges and universities have been fully utilized, the integration of science and education, and the integration of industry and education have been fully manifested, driving the continuous development of Nankai District, Xiqing District, Jinnan District, Huayuan Science and Technology Park and other regions, forming a regional innovation corridor, driving the construction of the city’s science and technology innovation highland, becoming an important birthplace of new knowledge, new technologies and new formats with global influence, and creating an important power engine and new growth pole that drives the high-quality development of the city.

Second, the spatial layout

(1) The overall spatial development layout of “one core and two wings”

Combined with the spatial form, university resources, carrier conditions and regional development positioning of Huantiannan Medical University Area in Nankai District, University Town Area in Xiqing District and Haihe Education Park Area in Jinnan District, it provides development space with complete functions, complete chain and smooth connection for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in colleges and universities and the innovation and entrepreneurship of teachers and students.


(2) Core area

A number of state-level scientific research institutes such as the Institute of Biomedical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and the Tianjin Institute of Seawater Desalination and Comprehensive Utilization of the State Oceanic Administration are gathered around Tianjin University and Nankai University. It has gathered 6 national key laboratories, 9 national engineering centers, 56 Tianjin key laboratories and 46 Tianjin engineering technology centers, with scientific research subjects and talents, technology-intensive, rich scientific research achievements, rich innovation background and strong atmosphere.

1. Site selection range. The enclosed area of “Weijin Road – Radio Road – Meteorological Observatory Road – Fukang Road – Water Park North Road – Water Park West Road – Changshi Road – Hongqi South Road – Hongqi Road – West Lake Road – Shuangfeng Road” (including the Huigu Building and Tianhuan Bus Terminal TEDA plot) is designated as the core area planning area.


2. Pilot area carrier space supply. In the core area, the enclosed area of “Anshan West Road-Baidi Road-Fukang Road-Hongqi Road” is designated as the pilot area, covering an area of about 1.1 square kilometers. With Tianjin Science and Technology Square as the core and West Scientific Research Road as the central axis extending on both sides as the main supply, it can provide a total area of 220,500 square meters and a total construction area of more than 1 million square meters.


Phase I carrier space supply. Tianjin Science and Technology Plaza is a complex project, located east of the intersection of West Scientific Research Road and Hanghai Road, the land is a commercial service industry land, covering an area of 40,400 square meters, with a total construction area of 215,000 square meters (149,000 square meters above ground, 66,000 square meters of underground construction area, and a plot ratio of 3.69), which can provide a carrier space with a construction area of 210,000 square meters.

Phase II carrier space supply. Tianjin Laser Technology Research Institute, Tianjin Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Service Center, Keyuan Building and other plots are included in the second-phase carrier space supply plan, and the total area after integration and construction is about 180,100 square meters, which can provide a carrier space with a construction area of about 790,000 square meters.

Phase III carrier space supply. Some of the vacant buildings in the pilot area can provide a carrier space with a construction area of about 60,000 square meters. Some vacant buildings and developable plots outside the pilot area can provide a carrier space of about 200,000 square meters with a construction area, of which: Bainaohui Science and Technology Building, Tianjin Pharmaceutical Research Institute Co., Ltd., Qihang Innovation Building and other buildings can provide about 30,000 square meters of carrier space, Tianjin University North Gate Twin Towers, Tianjin University Intelligent Sensing, Tianjin University Smart City Land can provide about 170,000 square meters of carrier space after planning and construction.


3. Transportation and living facilities. There are 5 rail lines (2 current, 2 under construction, 1 planned) and 7 rail stations in the area. Tianjin Science and Technology Square is about 2.5 kilometers away from Jianyang Expressway, about 4 kilometers away from the outer ring road, about 15 minutes’ drive from Tianjin West Railway Station, about 20 minutes’ drive from Tianjin Railway Station, and about 30 minutes’ drive from Tianjin Binhai International Airport. The area has 3 third-class hospitals, 6 kindergartens, 7 primary and secondary schools, 100,000 square meters of talent apartments, hotels, supermarkets, cultural and sports venues and other places. There are also 3 third-class hospitals, more than 10 high-quality primary and secondary schools, Haiguang Temple business district, water Olympic sports business district and other mature living facilities around the area.

(3) West Wing Development Area

Xiqing District University Town Area is close to the main urban area, is Tianjin Polytechnic University, Tianjin Normal University, Tianjin University of Technology, Tianjin Agricultural College, Tianjin Urban Construction University 5 municipal ordinary undergraduate colleges and universities gathering area, with a number of industrial parks with good industrial foundation such as Xuefu Industrial Zone, complete supporting facilities. Tianjin South Railway Station is an important node connecting Beijing-Shanghai and Xiong’an New Area.

1. Site selection range. The site of the West Wing Development Zone is Huanxiqing University Town, with a total area of 24.79 square kilometers, including the Xuefu Industrial Zone10.25 square kilometers, Xiqing University Town 7.29 square kilometers, Tianjin South Railway Station area 4.85 square kilometers, residential supporting area 2.4 square kilometers.

2. Carrier space supply. The recently available carrier is located in the Xuefu Industrial Zone, which can provide a carrier space with a construction area of 550,000 square meters, including 40,000 square meters of factory buildings and 510,000 square meters of buildings. The available land in the medium and long term planning is about 5.5 square kilometers, which can provide a carrier space of 10.35 million square meters with a construction area, including 6.35 million square meters in the Xuefu Industrial Park and 4 million square meters in the Tianjin South Railway Station Area.

3. Transportation facilities. The area is located in the central area of the “Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei One-hour Traffic Circle”, connecting Beijing and Xiong’an New Area, surrounded by 4 high-speed railways, and planning 4 rail lines, which can connect 9 expressways. It is adjacent to Tianjin South Railway Station Science and Technology Business District and close to Huayuan Science and Technology Park.


(4) East Wing Development Area

Jinnan District Haihe Education Park Area is located on the south bank of the middle reaches of the Haihe River between the main urban area of the city and the Binhai New Area, located in the main axis of development of the expansion of the two cities, with developed highway transportation, close to Tianjin Avenue, Jinjin Expressway and Jishan Expressway. Located in the green ecological barrier area in the middle of the twin cities, the area has a unique and beautiful environment, gathering 13 colleges and universities including Tianjin University and Nankai University and a number of innovation platform carriers, with a strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship.

1. Site selection range. The East Wing Development Area is located in Haihe Education Park, with a total area of about 37 square kilometers, including 13 square kilometers of higher education park, 7 square kilometers of higher vocational park, 13 square kilometers of higher education park, and 4 square kilometers of residential supporting area.

2. Carrier space supply. The planned available land is about 4.07 square kilometers, of which Tiankai Smart Town is 0.75 square kilometers, which can provide a carrier space with a construction area of 1.25 million square meters; the available land of the Advanced Research Park is about 3.32 square kilometers.

3. Comprehensive support. There are high-quality educational resources such as Tianjin University and Nankai University in the area, and there are third-class hospitals such as Tianjin Chest Hospital, Tianjin Huanhu Hospital, Tianjin Haihe Hospital, as well as business facilities such as the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) and the Tianjin Science and Technology Workers’ Home. There are 407 talent apartments within a 3-kilometer radiation range, covering an area of about 20,000 square meters. Haitang Zhongchuang Street has begun to have an innovation and entrepreneurship agglomeration effect.


(5) Consideration of the layout of “one core and two wings”

The layout of “one core and two wings” constitutes a complete space for R&D, incubation, transformation and industrialization, providing an “integrated” development space for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and innovation and entrepreneurship in colleges and universities.

1. Functionally misplaced connection. The core area is rich in science and education resources and has complete office and life facilities, making it the first choice for R&D and incubation of entrepreneurial enterprises. The West Wing Development Area and the East Wing Development Area are close to the main urban area and the university, with industrial supporting facilities and land space, which is the first choice for undertaking achievement transformation and industrialization projects.

2. Each has its own characteristics in form. Nankai District has a rich cultural atmosphere and complete life services, which is suitable for the development of urban industries; Xiqing District has a good industrial foundation and complete industrial supporting facilities, which can provide industrial park-type space carriers; Jinnan District is located in the “green core” of the green ecological barrier area in the middle of the two cities, with a high ratio of blue and green space, which can provide a garden-type space carrier.

3. Formation of continuity in time. The core pilot area has 210,000 square meters of available carriers, and the medium- and long-term integrated buildings can provide about 790,000 square meters of carrier space; The West Wing Development Area can provide 550,000 square meters of carrier space in the near future, and 10.35 million square meters of carrier space in the medium and long term; In the East Wing Development Zone, 0.75 square kilometers of land in Tiankai Smart Town will be put into use in phases from 2024 to 2026, and 3.32 square kilometers of land in the Advanced Research Park can be used for medium and long-term development.

4. Linkage is conditional. The linkage development of “one core and two wings” has innate conditions, 50% of the science and engineering faculties of Tianjin University and Nankai University have settled in Haihe Education Park, and the new and old campuses have achieved linkage development; The west wing expansion area is only 3 kilometers away from the core area, with convenient transportation, and there is a mature Huayuan Science and Technology Park in the middle of the two areas, which fully has the conditions for two-way expansion and linkage development, forming a development pattern that radiates collaborative innovation in the city.

(6) Preliminary conceptual design of the core area

The core area pays attention to the characteristics of the waterfront space of the Jinhe River in the planning and design concept. In terms of supporting services, taking into account the growth of enterprises and the demands of scientific researchers, it provides diversified spaces mainly for unicorn enterprises, science and technology industrial parks, science and technology innovation communities, and service complexes for scientific and technological workers, start-up entrepreneurs, business travelers, etc., so as to meet the diversified demands of scientific and technological talents for the functionality, comfort and comprehensiveness of science and technology innovation space; In terms of urban image, with University Road as the main landscape axis, the road space, waterfront shoreline and urban skyline are designed to create a spatial carrier cluster carrying scientific and technological innovation activities and a new urban landmark displaying regional cultural styles.

3. Management operation model

Tiankai Park implements the management model of “leading group + management committee + platform company”, deepens and improves the operation mechanism of “overall coordination of leading group, specific promotion of management committee, construction and operation of platform companies, and coordinated governance of territorial administrative regions”, so as to realize the co-governance of “government + market”. Under the leadership of the leading group, the management committee implements unified management of the park and provides government services and policy support, and the platform company is responsible for the development and construction, investment attraction and comprehensive operation management of the park.

(1) Leading groups

As the leading institution for the construction of the park, the Municipal Leading Group for the Construction of Tiankai Park is responsible for implementing the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council and the deployment requirements of the municipal party committee and municipal government, studying and making decisions on major strategies for the development of the park, reviewing and approving important matters, and coordinating and solving key problems. The leader of the leading group shall be the mayor, the executive deputy leader shall be the executive vice mayor, the deputy leader shall be the leading comrade of the city in charge of relevant work and the president of the relevant university shall be the deputy leader, and the members of the leading group shall include responsible comrades of relevant district and city-level departments. The leading group has an office under it, the office is located in the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, responsible for the daily work of the leading group, and the director of the office is concurrently served by the main responsible comrade of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau.

(2) Management Committee

Promote the establishment of the Municipal Tiankai Park Management Committee, undertake the main function of promoting the economic development of the park, and be specifically responsible for the development and construction, planning and formulation, operation and management, investment promotion, system innovation, comprehensive coordination, enterprise services and other work of the park.

(3) Platform companies

Establish a city-level platform company to be responsible for the development, construction and operation of the core area; The West Wing Development Area and the East Wing Development Area are respectively responsible for arranging district-level platform companies for development, construction and operation. Platform companies at the municipal and district levels uniformly accept the business guidance of the management committee. The platform company implements market-oriented operation and is the state-owned capital investment and financing platform, resource management platform and comprehensive service platform of Tiankai Park, which is specifically responsible for the development and construction, market-oriented investment and financing, operation services, investment promotion, enterprise services and other work of the park. The operation mechanism of the platform company mainly includes cooperation with various universities; Cooperate with well-known alumni to start enterprises and develop and operate; Introduce external partners (such as central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, experienced park operators, etc.) to operate; Give full play to the leading role of state-owned capital, create a financial ecology, and promote the integration of industry and finance; Introduce high-level scientific research institutions and talent teams, create innovation and entrepreneurship carriers, and promote the transformation of achievements.

(4) Coordinated governance of urban areas

The Municipal People’s Government, together with the People’s Government of Nankai District, the People’s Government of Xiqing District and the People’s Government of Jinnan District, jointly promote the construction of Tiankai Park. In terms of management, the model of “unified planning, unified policies, and coordinated determination of project access” is adopted, and in operation, “urban coordination and segmentation are responsible”, and the people’s governments of relevant districts in government services do a good job in administrative examination and approval matters, simplify handling procedures, and improve work efficiency.

4. Safeguard measures

(1) Strengthen organizational promotion

All relevant district, city-level departments and colleges and universities should improve their political standing, strengthen their awareness of the overall situation, implement the main responsibility, mainly responsible comrades grasp the overall planning, and the responsible comrades in charge should grasp the specifics, conscientiously implement the task requirements of this plan, actively coordinate and solve the key and difficult problems encountered in the implementation process, improve the system and mechanism, strengthen supervision and implementation, strengthen coordination and linkage, form a joint force of work, and promote the high-quality construction and efficient operation of Tiankai Park to the greatest extent.

(2) Strengthen policy support

Combined with the functional positioning of Tiankai Park, focus on promoting the high-quality development of the park, and build a sound and powerful policy system in terms of finance and taxation, land, scientific and technological innovation, talents, and finance. Support Tiankai Park to deepen institutional innovation, actively explore breakthroughs, and accelerate major national reform measures that are the first to be piloted. All relevant units should further refine policy measures and promote the comprehensive implementation of support policies.

(3) Strengthen publicity and guidance

Design the unified logo of Tiankai Garden and build the brand. Support all kinds of news media to set up publicity columns and special programs, and actively publicize and promote the development plan, support policies and advantageous resources of Tiankai Park. Hold press conferences, opening ceremonies, city roadshows, innovation and entrepreneurship competitions and other activities, carry out multi-level, all-round and three-dimensional publicity and reporting, and continuously enhance the popularity and influence of Tiankai Park at home and abroad.
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