Tongji University Mathematics Postdoctoral Mobile Station Recruitment Notice

1. Introduction to the mobile station

The School of Mathematical Sciences of Tongji University was founded in 1945 and has taught here by many well-known scholars. Since the 1980s, the college has successively introduced many well-known domestic mathematicians, and in the new century, it has introduced a number of young and middle-aged academic leaders such as winners of the National Outstanding Youth Fund. Through the cultivation and introduction of talents, the college has made great progress in the construction of disciplines and teachers, talent training, scientific research and academic exchanges, teaching research and textbook reform, etc., and the comprehensive strength of teaching and scientific research has continued to increase, and has great influence in the educational circles and academic circles at home and abroad. The fourth round of national discipline evaluation was rated as a category A discipline. 
At present, the college has 100 full-time teachers, 14 national talent programs, and 7 Shanghai talent programs. The college has two undergraduate majors of “Mathematics and Applied Mathematics” and “Statistics”, a doctoral program in mathematics first-level disciplines, and has established a postdoctoral mobile station in mathematics, which is one of the seven national engineering mathematics course teaching bases in China. In 2019, the college was selected into the Ministry of Education’s Strong Foundation Program, in 2020, the “Mathematics and Applied Mathematics” major was selected into the list of national first-class undergraduate majors, and in 2020, the college was selected as the 2.0 base of the National Basic Discipline Top-notch Student Training Program, with a first-class undergraduate and graduate student source. In 2019, the Mathematics Center of Tongji University was established. In 2021, it was approved as the Shanghai Intelligent Scientific Computing Frontier Scientific Research Base. The center and base have entered the stage of physical, stable and orderly operation, and have achieved many internationally leading results.

2. Recruitment conditions

1. Support the Party’s principles and policies, abide by discipline and law, abide by academic ethics, be proactive, be down-to-earth and dedicated, and unite and cooperate 
2. The age of a new doctor who has obtained a doctoral degree is generally not more than 3 years, or who has passed the defense of the doctoral dissertation, is not more than 35 years old in principle in the year of declaration; the number of years for obtaining a doctoral degree is not limited to postdoctoral researchers entering the second station or above; and the applicant can guarantee that he or she will be engaged in postdoctoral research work at the station full-time. 
3. Applicants with good scientific research innovation ability and academic development potential should publish or receive at least 1 high-level scientific research paper as the first author (including the first author of the doctoral supervisor and the second author of the applicant) or the first corresponding author or signature of the international academic journal in alphabetical order according to international practice. 
4. Meet other requirements of the state and mobile stations to recruit postdoctoral researchers. 
Note: The level of scientific research papers shall be approved by the comprehensive assessment of the Station Management Expert Group of mathematics postdoctoral mobile station in the School of Mathematical Sciences of Tongji University.

3. Application materials

1. Personal resume: including learning experience, research or work direction, scientific research work introduction, academic research masterpieces, scientific research planning, proposed entry time, etc.; 
2. Scanned copy of the doctoral graduation certificate and doctoral degree certificate (or the proof materials of the doctoral graduation); 
3. Relevant supporting materials of academic research masterpieces (including but not limited to: search certificates, scanned copies and other award certificates, etc.); 
4. Two letters of recommendation (which must include the recommendation letter of the doctoral supervisor) and the contact information of the referee.

4. Application process

1. This recruitment is valid for a long time and can receive applications at any time; 
2. The candidate will send the application materials Liang), email title and attachment materials, naming method: “2022 – Candidate for postdoctoral research (name of intended cooperative supervisor) – name of myself”; 
3. The mobile station adheres to the employment standards of both ability and political integrity, implements the recruitment principles of openness, fairness, competition and selection, and conducts a preliminary review of the application materials; 
4. For those who meet the preliminary review of the materials, the interview will be notified as soon as possible and the academic assessment will be organized; 
5. Candidates who pass the mobile station interview and academic assessment shall be interviewed by the postdoctoral management office of the university in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state and Shanghai Municipality.

5. Postdoctoral treatment

According to the postdoctoral management regulations of Tongji University, it provides professional scientific research guidance and competitive salary. The basic annual salary is RMB 300,000, and the postdoctoral salary jointly trained by the Shanghai Intelligent Computing Frontier Scientific Research Base after the Post-Doctoral Salary of Tongji University can reach up to RMB 400,000 according to the annual assessment. 
(1) Funded by the “Postdoctoral Innovative Talent Support Program”, the “Postdoctoral International Exchange Program Introduction Project”, and the “Shanghai Super Postdoctoral Program”, the school gives certain supporting support. 
(2) Postdoctoral fellows relying on the Mathematics Postdoctoral Mobile Station of Tongji University can apply for the “Postdoctoral International Exchange Program Dispatch Project”, “Xiangjiang Scholar Program” and “Sino-German Postdoctoral Exchange Program”. The corresponding treatment and employment period are implemented according to the project regulations, and the school is matched according to the project regulations.

Sixth, development prospects

Those who have excellent performance during the postdoctoral period can stay in the school to enter the teaching position, can apply for the pre-appointment of associate professor or pre-appointment assistant professor of the school, and can also apply for full-time scientific research positions such as “Tongji University Youth Hundred Talents Program B”.

7. Recruitment information

Postdoctoral Fellow, Personnel Office, Tongji University Tongji University Talent Recruitment Network

For more information, Please consult Teacher Liang, School of Mathematical Sciences, 021-65983245,

School of Mathematical Sciences, Tongji University

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