Tribute to the heroic father, 31-year-old graduate student entered the University of Geography (Wuhan)

Zhang Yunfei paid tribute to the statue of his father. Photo courtesy of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan).

On September 2nd, the new student season of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), among the new students who reported for the school, a 31-year-old master’s degree student, after bowing deeply three times in front of a statue on campus, silently said: “Dad, I came to your former alma mater for further study, you can rest assured, I will definitely study seriously and become a person like you…” This statue is Zhang Guoqi, an outstanding alumnus of the school’s hydrogeology major, and the person who bows is his son Zhang Yunfei. This year, I will also enter the School of environment majoring in hydrogeology. The son inherited his father’s legacy and continued to study hydrogeology, which touched the teachers and students.

The deeds of the hero’s father are widely praised

Zhang Guoqi is a 1989 alumnus of the 1989 department of hydrogeology in the school’s Department of Hydrology (now the School of the Environment). He was born in a poor farming family in Lingchuan County, Shanxi Province, and was admitted to the school in 1985 with the third place in the county. His counselor at that time, Chu Zuwang, who is now a member of the standing committee of the party committee and director of the propaganda department of the party committee of the school, recalled: He was a simple and responsible rural servant, who did not talk much and studied very hard. When he graduated from college, he could have gone to work at the Shanxi Water Conservancy Department, but he made a decision that surprised everyone around him and returned to his hometown Lingchuan Water Bureau as an engineering technician. “He has never forgotten his original intention of going to college, and after graduation, he returned to his hometown to help the villagers say goodbye to the life of water shortage.”

In ordinary jobs, Zhang Guoqi tried his best to help local villagers solve the problem of water difficulties, which has been more than 10 years. Because of his excellent work, the relevant units in Taiyuan once again extended an olive branch to him, but he was not moved. On May 15, 2001, while conducting underground exploration operations, he suddenly encountered a collapse of the well wall. In order to protect others, he unfortunately died in the line of duty at the age of 33.

After Zhang Guoqi’s death, the Shanxi water conservancy system called on the majority of cadres and workers to learn from their fathers, and in 2005, the Shanxi Film Studio took the touching story of him finding water as the prototype and also produced the movie “Red Mountain Rain”. At the same time, the China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), as its alma mater, awarded Zhang Guoqi the title of “Outstanding Graduate” and held a conference to mobilize college students to learn from his valuable spirit of dedication to the grassroots and service to his hometown.

In the year zhang guoqi died in the line of duty, his son Zhang Yunfei was only 10 years old. Zhang Yunfei said that when his father left, he was still young, and he remembered that his relatives were extremely sad at that time, and his mother washed her face with tears all day, but the days still had to go forward, and finally came out of sadness. “Learn from Zhang Guoqi” became a child, and he heard the most words in his ears. The mother taught Zhang Yunfei: “Child, when you grow up in the future, you must also become a person like your father.” These words were heavy and had always been remembered in his heart.

The memories of the hero’s father are full of affection

In Zhang Yunfei’s mind, his father Zhang Guoqi was a remarkable person. In the 1990s, not many people graduated from key universities to work in the county. Relatives and friends are very puzzled, why zhang Guoqi did not go to the provincial city to work, nestled in a small county town, often ran to the village, and got a mud. Working in a big city is good for your children to study in the future. For this, the young Zhang Yunfei also asked his father, who looked at the Taihang Mountains in the distance and said thoughtfully: “Only by dedicating knowledge and talents to the places where they are most needed can such a life be the most valuable.” Young Zhang Yunfei did not understand what his father was saying and continued to ask questions. My father said, “You’re still young, and when you grow up, you’ll understand.” ”

More than 20 years have passed, coupled with the young age at that time, various memories about his father Zhang Guoqi, Zhang Yunfei’s memory is mostly vague, but there are three things that he still remembers. When he was a child, Zhang Yunfei often quarreled with children about which of the “sea” and “ocean” were larger, and whether there was a larger unit of calculation than 100 million, “If it is an ordinary parent, it may simply give an answer, and the father not only gives the answer, but also says the context.” Zhang Yunfei said. Once, Zhang Yunfei asked a geographical question, and suddenly put his father Zhang Guoqi down, Zhang Yunfei was a little complacent, but his father Zhang Guoqi consulted the information for several hours at night, and the next day he used his hands to compare and draw, patiently answering.

His father, Zhang Guoqi, liked to read, and Zhang Yunfei was deeply impressed. As a child, a family of three crammed into a small classroom at my mother’s work unit, “with potholed old cement floors and rain leaking from the roof.” Zhang Yunfei said. That’s because the parents are not paid high and the economy is poor. But my father was very fond of reading, not only reading books on hydrogeology, but also books on literature and history. Once, his father, Zhang Guoqi, spent half a month’s salary to buy a set of “Zizhi Tongjian”, “Every night, my mother and I slept, and my father read it with relish under the lamp.” “Because there were too many books, the narrow home could not be put down, so a 30 cm wide wooden board was added to the side of the bed, which was specially used for my father to put books.”

On National Day in 2000, his father Zhang Guoqi took Zhang Yunfei to Travel to Mount Taishan. This was the first time he took his son on a long trip, and the last time he took him on a trip. When he climbed Mount Taishan, Zhang Yunfei was only 9 years old, with a slow pace and constantly shouting tiredness. To this end, his father Zhang Guoqi encouraged him: manhood should be strong and persevering. In order to alleviate the fatigue of his son Zhang Yunfei along the way, his father Zhang Guoqi told the legend and geographical knowledge of Mount Tai in a colorful way. This long trip is particularly beautiful for Zhang Yunfei, and it will always be frozen in memory.

Perhaps influenced by his father Zhang Guoqi, Zhang Yunfei vaguely developed some interest in geography and geology. In the 2010 college entrance examination, Zhang Yunfei also thought about applying for his father’s alma mater, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), but unfortunately, the college entrance examination often played, and he lost touch with his father’s alma mater and was admitted to the geographic information system major of a university in Yunnan. Although he had some regrets in his heart, fortunately, this major also belonged to the category of geoscience. When he was in college, he nibbled on several books such as the basics of geology. After graduating from college in 2014, Zhang Yunfei did not rely on his father’s former aura to find a job independently. He has worked in several units of water conservancy and design in Shanxi, during which he got married and had children, and his life was quite comfortable and smooth.

Bravely take over the baton of the hero’s father

Zhang Guoqi’s story and spirit have always inspired the students of his alma mater, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan). In 2018, the school’s School of Environment integrated professional education and ideological and political education, and named it after the heroic alumni, and formed the “Zhang Guoqi Class” and its party branch, aiming to train students to strive to become the ecological and environmental protection iron army of the new era of “red professional excellence”. The establishment of the party branch of the “Zhang Guoqi Class” has been highly valued by the party committee of the school, and the president Wang Yanxin has sent a message: always maintain the feelings of the naked child and strive to be the pioneer of the times. In order to polish the spiritual business card of “Zhang Guoqi”, in recent years, the Zhang Guoqi Spirit Propaganda Group, the “Zhang Guoqi Class” Practice Group, and the “Zhang Guoqi Class” Volunteer Group have successively set up to carry out various social practices and volunteer services, and more than 100 college student volunteers have helped the poverty alleviation through science and education in Lingchuan, Shanxi, Baicheng, Jilin, Enshi, Hunan, Hengyang, Yunnan, Chuxiong, Qinghai, Haibei and other places, attracting the attention of all sectors of society. This year, the “Zhang Guoqi Party Branch” was also selected as the third batch of national model branch cultivation and creation units of the Ministry of Education.

A series of news reports on the construction of the “Zhang Guo flag class” were transmitted to Zhang Yunfei through various channels. In this regard, he was very impressed that his father Zhang Guoqi’s alma mater not only did not forget him, but also widely promoted his spirit of dedication to the grassroots. Last year’s Qingming Festival, Zhang Yunfei and his wife and daughter were invited to the statue of Zhang Guoqi at China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) to carry out a ritual sweeping activity, and for the first time they looked at the statue of their father face to face, Zhang Yunfei shed tears. He suddenly realized that he should not be satisfied with the existing little days, and felt that something should be done. After some thought, he made the decision to prepare for the exam while working, and strive to be admitted to his father’s alma mater and pursue graduate studies in hydrogeology.

However, the current fierce competition for graduate school, coupled with Zhang Yunfei’s graduation and work for many years, re-picked up the book review, requires extraordinary perseverance. For a few days, he started to retreat. His mother and wife saw that he was not in a good mood and kept encouraging and supporting him. He plucked up his spirits again and threw himself into the revision and preparation. Some knowledge difficulties in the field of hydrogeology, he humbly asked teachers in Wuhan for advice through WeChat. In this year’s graduate school entrance examination, he passed the barrier and was successfully admitted to the School of Environment of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan).

In July, the “Zhang Guoqi Class” practice group of the school’s School of Environment came to Shanxi to pursue a heroic journey, and the teachers and students also visited Zhang Yunfei and his family, and sent the master’s admission letter to Zhang Yunfei’s hands. Zhang Yunfei’s excitement was immediately overflowing: “It is a great honor for me to go to my father’s alma mater for graduate school, thank you to the school!” ”

On September 1, Zhang Yunfei came to China University of Geosciences (Wuhan). In the future, this will not only be his father Zhang Guoqi’s alma mater, but also his alma mater in the future. Soon after, November 7, the university will celebrate its 70th anniversary. At such a time node, he took over the baton of the hero’s father and began to systematically study hydrogeology and stride forward on a new journey in life.

Over the years, Li Sumin, secretary of the party committee of the school’s school of environment, has been concerned about Li Yunfei and his family, and has maintained long-term contact, Zhang Yunfei was admitted to graduate school, he said with satisfaction: “Heroes are worthy of the times, and the times are not heroes.” Zhang Yunfei is the descendant of heroes, determined to take the path of his father’s heroes to further study in the school, we have the responsibility and create conditions to help him realize his dreams, help him become a talent, become an ecological and environmental protection iron army in the new era, and better build his hometown. ”

Zhang Yunfei said frankly that although the hydrogeological knowledge system has mastered a lot, there is still some gap with the high standards and high requirements of graduate student training, but as long as you seize the time to study hard, you will certainly be able to make up for the lack. Talking about his future career vision, he said categorically: “Engaged in hydrogeological work, become a person like my father Zhang Guoqi.” More than 20 years ago, the meaningful words of his father Zhang Guoqi recalled in his ears: Only by dedicating knowledge and talents to the places where they are most needed can such a life be the most valuable.

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