Virtual Campus, Immersive Experience! Play with Northwestern University in the “metaverse” The Northwest University Metaverse Campus was officially launched

Northwest University’s meta-universe campus is online

Metaverse Virtual Campus System

Metaverse Campus Usage Process (Images provided by Northwestern University)

On the morning of October 10, when the countdown to the 120th anniversary of the school was 5 days, the launch conference of Northwest University’s meta-universe was held at the Chang’an campus. Guo Lihong, president of Northwest University, Tian Minggang, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and director of the Propaganda Department, Zhang Mingjun, general manager of Xi’an Xiangcheng Network Technology Co., Ltd., responsible persons of various special working groups for the celebration of the university, representatives of teachers and students and representatives of research and development personnel attended the meeting. The press conference was presided over by Chang Jiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of Northwest University, and general commander of the 120th anniversary of the university.

The press conference showed the video of the Yuan-Universe campus of Northwest University, and Guo Lihong, Chang Jiang, Tian Minggang and Zhang Mingjun jointly launched the online release of the Yuan-Universe campus. Zhang Mingjun briefly introduced the characteristics and situation of the development of the metaverse, analyzed the development prospects of the metaverse campus, and explained the application of the metaverse of education. Chang Jiang specifically introduced the overall situation of the construction of the campus of Xida Yuanyu, hoping that Yuanyu could play a role in cloud school celebrations, network publicity, extracurricular activities, and academic conferences.

The construction of the Yuanyu Campus of Northwest University has been fully supported by the Bank of China, which was promoted in April 2022 and officially launched in June, Xi’an Xiangcheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. has been preliminarily completed after nearly 4 months of development. As the first explorer of the construction of all elements of the national meta-universe campus, Northwest University is also the first university in Shaanxi Province to launch the meta-universe campus.

In his speech, Guo Lihong thanked Bank of China and Xi’an Xiangcheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. for their strong support, and congratulated the launch of the Yuanyue campus. He pointed out that the launch of the Xida Yuanyuan Campus means that the school has taken a solid step in the construction of all elements of the Yuanyuan Campus and has positive significance. He said that the relevant functional departments and information technology departments in the school should do a good job in content construction and operation and maintenance, drive platform construction and data resource expansion with application needs, give full play to the role of the meta-universe campus in promoting the construction of smart campuses and the reform of education models, and explore a new paradigm in building a shared campus platform and realizing the deep integration of education and science and technology.

The construction of the Northwest University metacosmic campus includes 4 modules:

The first is the meta-universe virtual campus system of the real scene of the three campuses. Based on digital technologies such as three-dimensional modeling and meta-universe real-time interaction engine, the campus scene of the existing three campuses of Northwest University is vividly reproduced through artistic means, which can allow global alumni teachers and students to conduct in-depth visits and exchanges and interactions through the meta-universe platform, creating a meta-cosmic space with rich content, edutainment, rich campus learning and life, and can also pin alumni emotions. At the same time, the school celebration conference, the president’s forum, and the school celebration party on November 15 will also be included in the metaverse for live broadcasting.

The second is the customized starry sky lecture hall of Northwest University, the virtual lecture hall of the meta-universe conference and the virtual interactive exhibition system module. The virtual lecture hall and virtual interactive exhibition system of the meta-universe conference will be an important part of the campus of the meta-universe of the universe, and the system mainly takes the virtual conference, virtual report and virtual interactive exhibition of the meta-universe as the main functions, which can meet the immersive online meeting of many people.

The third is the module of the digital cultural and creative distribution casting platform of Northwest University. Northwest University Digital Cultural and Creative Distribution and Casting Platform Cultural and Creative Digital Collection Distribution and Casting Platform is used to support campus theme activities and campus digital cultural and creative development and use, and now the school has designed and distributed relevant digital collections around the 120th anniversary celebration activities.

The fourth is the demonstration construction of the virtual experimental space and virtual teaching module of Northwest University’s meta-universe based on VR equipment. The meta-universe virtual experimental space module is a set of experimental virtual space systems that can be independently deployed to interact through VR hardware display devices, which can meet the immersive experiential learning of teachers and students in VR equipment. On October 5, Xiangcheng Company has donated teaching software and multiple sets of VR equipment and other teaching materials to the school.

The above modules have been tested by the company for many commissioning and trial runs, and meet the conditions for online opening.

Metaverse Campus Online Address:https://120.nwu.edu.cn/yyz.htm

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