Wang Qingyuan continued to serve as the president of Chengdu University, clearly at the level of the main department

According to a batch of personnel appointment and dismissal notices published on the official website of the Sichuan provincial government on April 12, Wang Qingyuan was appointed president of Chengdu University (main department level).

Wang Qingyuan, male, Han nationality, born in January 1965, doctoral candidate, member of the Communist Party of China. He returned to Sichuan University in 2003 and successively served as Dean of the School of Architecture and Environment and Director of the Personnel Office, and since May 2014 he has been the President and Deputy Party Secretary of Chengdu University, presiding over the overall administrative work of the university.

Wang Qingyuan is mainly engaged in the research of new materials and structural mechanics, ultra-long life fatigue and reliability, experimental mechanics, solid waste resource utilization and low-carbon technology.

On March 16 this year, the Organization Department of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee issued a group of pre-appointment announcements for cadres, among which Wang Qingyuan proposed to be appointed to the provincial undergraduate high school post. In the same batch of announcements, Liu Qiang, secretary of the party committee of Chengdu University, also intends to serve as a provincial undergraduate college correction.
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