Wei Fuwen is the president of Jiangxi Agricultural University

On May 6, the current leadership column of the official website of Jiangxi Agricultural University was updated to show that Wei Fuwen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was appointed president of Jiangxi Agricultural University.

Wei Fuwen, Ph.D., professor, doctoral supervisor. He is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, an academician of the Academy of Sciences for Developing Countries, an academician of the European Academy of Sciences, and a conservation biologist, enjoying government subsidies from the State Council. He is also the Executive Deputy Director of the Scientific Committee of Endangered Species of the People’s Republic of China, the Vice President and Secretary-General of the Zoological Society of China, the Chairman of the Animal Branch of the Zoological Society, the Vice President of the Ecological Society of China, the Chairman of the China Branch of the International Society of Conservation Biology, and the Executive Committee Member of the World Federation of Veterinarians. Member of the Asian Regional Editorial Board of Conservation Biology Journal, Executive Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Chinese Journal of Science and Life Sciences, Member of the Advisory Expert Committee of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Member of the Evaluation Committee of National Nature Reserves, Chairman of the Second Terrestrial Wildlife Survey Expert Committee of the State Forestry and Grassland Administration, etc.

He has been engaged in the research of endangered animal evolution and conservation biology for a long time, and is the main pioneer of international endangered animal conservation genomics and metagenomics research, and took the lead in proposing a new branch of conservation evolutionary biology and conservation metagenomics. Important representative research results have been published in Science, Nature, Nature Genetics, PNAS, Current Biology, Science Advances, National Science Review, Nature Communication and other journals.

Mainly responsible for the National Natural Science Foundation of China Outstanding Young Science Fund, innovation groups, major and key projects, and key projects of the National Key R&D Program. He has won the second prize of National Natural Science Award (ranked first), the Outstanding Scientific and Technological Achievement Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the International Molecular Ecology Prize.
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