Weifang Medical College’s goal for 2023: Successfully achieve the renaming of the university

occupyWeifang Medical College websiteNews: On February 19, Weifang Medical College held the 2023 Work Mobilization Conference. Liu Jun, secretary of the party committee of the school, made a mobilization speech, and dean Guan Yingjun summarized the winter vacation work and deployed key tasks in 2023. These include the successful renaming of the university; Comprehensively strive for several goals of doctoral units.

Liu Jun stressed that 2023 is the first year to implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, a key year for the implementation of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, a year of endeavor to implement the spirit of the fourth party congress of the school, and a golden period for realizing the “Wei Medical Dream”. The majority of party members and cadres, teachers, students, medical staff of the school should work together, overcome difficulties, and achieve high-quality development of the school’s connotation construction.

Liu Jun pointed out that every work of the school in 2023 runs through the spirit of reform and the determination to tackle tough problems. Everyone should further unify their thinking and build consensus.

First, it is necessary to clearly define the situation and tasks and strengthen confidence in development. In 2023, high-quality development has become the strongest tone and main theme. First, the 20th CPC National Congress drew up a new blueprint for the development of education. The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has given education work new missions and new tasks, provided unprecedented policy support and historical opportunities for the reform, innovation and high-quality development of higher education, and also put forward new and higher requirements. Second, our province has accelerated the high-quality development of higher education. We must put the work of the whole year in the context of deepening the reform of education evaluation in the new era, put it in the overall pattern of higher education in the province, and promote the smooth implementation of the “14th Five-Year Plan” of schools. Third, the fourth party congress of the university opened a new journey of building a high-level medical university. The fourth party congress of the school put forward the “1128” development idea, and we must translate it into specific work plans and implementation plans to ensure that the tasks set by the party congress are truly implemented. The fourth is to deeply understand the competitive situation of the development of Weifang Medical College. Faced with more severe challenges and more onerous tasks than ever before, the whole school should firmly develop self-confidence, give play to the advantages and characteristics of amplification, enhance development momentum, take the initiative to recognize changes and adapt to changes, and accelerate the high-quality development of the school.

Second, we should focus on key breakthroughs and strengthen the improvement of connotation. Promote the implementation of various tasks, see results, and achieve standardized management, key breakthroughs, connotation improvement, and strive for advanced positions. It is necessary to concentrate on breakthroughs in six aspects: First, improve the brand of party building and make breakthroughs in leading high-quality development. It is necessary to further promote the in-depth integration of party building and central work, and continue to make the brand excellent through party building demonstration and quality excellence. The second is the characteristic advantages of running the school, and the breakthrough in achieving the two major tasks. It is necessary to make every effort to win the battle of upgrading medical universities and strive to meet the standards of various indicators of doctoral degree awarding units. The third is to improve the quality of talent training and make breakthroughs in optimizing the education and teaching system. It is necessary to deepen the reform of the talent training model, continuously improve the effectiveness of service and education, strengthen the construction of the counselor team, and improve the ability to perform duties. The fourth is to improve innovation ability and make breakthroughs in enhancing the scientific research strength of disciplines. It is necessary to build a talent highland, continue to enhance the endogenous driving force of discipline development, and deepen organized scientific research. Fifth, improve the efficiency of health services and make breakthroughs in improving the ability to serve the country and society. It is necessary to take the initiative to serve the national strategy of the Yellow River, focus on improving the core competitiveness of directly affiliated hospitals, and build a new pattern of cooperation and exchanges. Sixth, the comprehensive reform is accelerated, and the breakthrough is made in improving the internal governance system. It is necessary to improve internal governance capabilities and strengthen the guarantee of school-running conditions.

Third, we must have the courage to take on responsibilities and promote the implementation of tasks. First, it is necessary to promote the strict management of the party in an all-round way. Strictly supervise and manage cadres, strengthen the building of teachers’ morality and teaching style, and strive to create a clean and healthy political ecology. The second is to take the initiative to take action. Give play to the “head geese effect”, take the initiative to promote work planning, deployment and implementation, closely integrate school work with the overall situation of the country and the province, identify key points, entry points and focus points, and strive to expand space and build a platform for school development. Third, pay attention to practical results. Adhere to goal-oriented and result-oriented, implement closed-loop management of work goals and tasks, that is, implement task projectization, project listing, list responsibility, and responsibility timeliness, to ensure that all goals and tasks are successfully completed according to the predetermined plan. Fourth, guard the bottom line of safety. Conscientiously implement various measures for epidemic prevention and control under the “Category B and B Management”, refine student management services, regularly carry out investigation and rectification of potential safety hazards, and resolutely guard the bottom line of campus safety and stability.

Liu Jun stressed that the decisive victory must have determination, and the beginning is focused on the beginning. Leading bodies and party-member cadres at all levels should be more enthusiastic, more persistent, and more pragmatic, concentrate their efforts, strive to be first-class, pioneer and innovate, overcome difficulties, and make new and greater contributions to the establishment of high-level medical universities and the establishment of additional doctoral degree-granting units.

Dean Guan Yingjun summarized the winter vacation work and deployed the key tasks in 2023, strengthening party building from the school and improving the level of running and governing the school; Persist in cultivating people with virtue, polishing the background of casting souls and educating people; Pay attention to the construction of connotation and improve the level of teaching and scientific research; Adhere to the teacher-student orientation, implement the warm-hearted service measures and other aspects of reviewing and summarizing the winter vacation work. She deploys key tasks for 2023. First, hold high the banner and party building leads the development of the cause. The second is cohesion and the successful realization of the renaming of the university. The third is to bid for bidding and comprehensively strive to create a doctoral unit. The fourth is to deepen reform and improve the quality of personnel training. Fifth, strengthen the school with talents and improve the overall level of teachers. The sixth is to release potential and stimulate the vitality of scientific and technological innovation. Seventh, open up schools and enhance the efficiency of social services. The eighth is to integrate advantages and create a regional medical highland. The ninth is to optimize resources and improve the internal governance system. Ten is to guard the bottom line and maintain campus safety and stability. Guan Yingjun stressed that 2023 is the year of improving the quality of the school’s construction of a high-level medical university, and the majority of party members and cadres and all teachers and students of the school should quickly enter the working state, enhance the sense of urgency of “can’t wait”, the sense of crisis of “can’t wait”, and the sense of responsibility of “can’t sit still”, establish first-class work standards, and strive for first-class development performance. It is necessary to grasp the key points, solve the difficulties, and cultivate bright spots, make overall plans to promote the construction of the connotation and the development of the characteristics of the school, compose a cadenza that takes root in the Chinese land and runs a satisfactory education for the people, and make every effort to promote the construction of a high-level medical university with distinctive characteristics and well-known in China.

It is understood that Shandong, a major education province, has also been promoting the upgrading of Weifang Medical College to a “medical university” in recent years. According to the Weifang Municipal Education Bureau, in 2017, Weifang Medical College was renamed as a university and included in the “13th Five-Year Plan” for colleges and universities set up by the Ministry of Education. In November 2019, Weifang Municipal Government, Shandong Provincial Department of Education and Shandong Provincial Health Commission signed an agreement to jointly build Weifang Medical College, taking accelerating the development of the college as the top priority, further increasing resource integration, strengthening factor guarantees, and fully supporting Weifang Medical College to create a high-level medical university. In June last year, the Shandong Provincial Department of Education said in response to inquiries from netizens that schools must meet the standards set by “universities”, and undergo rigorous and scientific expert demonstration and evaluation, and perform strict administrative approval procedures. Shandong Province is actively promoting the renaming of Weifang Medical College into a university, and the renaming of Weifang Medical College into the draft of the “14th Five-Year Plan” for the establishment of colleges and universities in Shandong Province is included in the procedure and submitted to the Ministry of Education for review.
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