Western 985 University, signed by Changzhou, Jiangsu

From April 29th to 30th, Chongqing University Global Alumni Innovation and Development Conference was held in Changzhou. On April 29, Changzhou signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Chongqing University, opening a new chapter of in-depth campus-local cooperation. Wang Shuxin, President of Chongqing University, Bai Yunping, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, and Jiang Pengju, Vice Mayor attended the event.

This signing of the contract adds another vivid case to Changzhou’s exploration of the industry-university-research model of university-local cooperation. It is reported that in the next step, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in scientific and technological project research and development, joint construction of research institutions, and high-level talent training.
During the event, a number of industry-university-research cooperation projects such as “Research and Industrialization of Key Technologies of Smart Energy and Artificial Intelligence” and “Research and Industrialization of Comprehensive Regulation and Management of Building Energy” were signed.
During the regular period, Chongqing University also held the fourth council (enlarged) meeting of the ninth session of Chongqing University Alumni Association, and the participants visited and inspected the Liyang Smart City Research Institute of Chongqing University and the achievements of Liyang beautiful rural construction.
The cooperation between Changzhou and Chongqing University has a long history, and many enterprises such as Huapeng Transformer and Weiyi Intelligent Manufacturing have cooperated with Chongqing University since 2013. In 2021, Liyang City and Chongqing University jointly established the Liyang Smart City Research Institute of Chongqing University, focusing on building a campus-local cooperation platform integrating talent training, high-end training, achievement transformation and business incubation.
(Original title: Changzhou City and Chongqing University signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement)
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