With an investment of 3.03 billion, the Gu’an Campus of Beihua Institute of Aerospace Technology started construction

On the morning of November 5, the groundbreaking ceremony of the construction project of Gu’an Campus of Beihua Institute of Aerospace Technology was held in Gu’an County.

Zhang Haichuan, Deputy Secretary of Langfang Municipal Party Committee, Zhang Chunyan, Deputy Mayor, Wang Qing, Vice President of China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, Luan Jian, Secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Aerospace Automatic Control Research Institute, Lei Weibing, Chairman of China Railway 20th Bureau Group Co., Ltd., Liu Xinhu, Vice Dean of Architectural Design Institute of Tongji University, all school leaders, leaders of relevant departments of Langfang City, leaders of Gu’an County Party Committee and County Government, and more than 300 teachers and student representatives of the school attended the event. President Han Wenzhong presided over the groundbreaking ceremony.
Hao Yulong, Secretary of the Party Committee, pointed out in his speech that the groundbreaking of the Gu’an Campus marks a new page in the development of the school, and it will be further in the journey of establishing a university, and will also be recorded in the history of the school’s development.
Wang Qing said in his speech: China Airlines Gu’an Campus is built adjacent to the northeast side of the Gu’an Aerospace Industry Base of the Rocket Institute, which will complement each other with the Rocket Institute, and will also add a high-level applied university to Gu’an, which is of great significance to the local economic development and resource optimization.
According to reports, the Gu’an campus of the university is located in the Gu’an County High-tech Development Zone, an important node between Beijing and Xiong’an. The overall planning of the campus presents a teacher-student-centered, teaching and scientific research as the core to organize the campus buildings and indoor and outdoor spaces. The first phase of the project plans to have a student scale of 11,500 students, a land area of 1,000.04 acres, a total construction area of 379,466.17 square meters, and an investment of 3.03 billion yuan, which will be included in the provincial key pre-project management in 2023.
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