Won the “Winning Cup” for the first time, and the “Challenge Cup” of Wuhan Textile University performed well

“New carbon recovery-water treatment technology driven by the acceleration of poly-degradable catalytic interface” has found a new path for the treatment of toxic organic wastewater; “sandwich structure special aramid composite insulating paper” has surpassed foreign high-end products in a number of key indicators; “black technology” – cellulose nanocrystalline coating has great application prospects in formaldehyde-free environmental protection home and other fields… On November 8, Wuhan Textile University held the 18th “Challenge Cup” press conference. At the meeting, some of the school’s “Challenge Cup” outstanding projects attracted a lot of media attention.

The scene of the press conference. Photo courtesy of the organizer
It is reported that Wuhan Textile University will launch this Challenge Cup event in October 2022, promote the preparation of various tasks with high standards, high specifications and high levels, and win 1 special prize, 2 first prizes, 2 second prizes and 1 third prize in the main competition of the “Challenge Cup” 1 work (highest award) and 1 special award for cumulative innovation. With the 31st place in the total score of the national group, the school won the “Winning Cup” (the only university in Hubei Province) for the first time, and became the initiator of the 19th “Challenge Cup” competition.
Luo Jinyin, deputy secretary of the party committee and vice president of the school, said that Wuhan Textile University took the “Challenge Cup” and other discipline competitions as the carrier to open up the first classroom and the second classroom, continue to cultivate the innovative consciousness and innovative spirit of young college students, and promote scientific and technological innovation and application. The first is to plan the work from a high starting point, and adhere to the integrated promotion of “expanding practical participation, deepening talent training, and integrating into economic and social development”; the second is to organize and promote, and adhere to the “from science popularization to creativity, from creativity to innovation, from innovation to entrepreneurship”.
At the press conference, the project “Cellulose Nanocrystalline Coating” of the State Key Laboratory of New Textile Materials and Advanced Processing Technology jointly built by the province and the ministry of the university attracted much attention. According to the participating teachers and students, this “black technology” project is inspired by colorful organisms in nature, and proposes to use cellulose nanocrystals as the structural base and compound with trace absorbers and bioplasticizers to prepare functional photonic coatings. The coating can be applied to the surface of textiles, wood, plastics, glass, metal and other substrates on a large scale, and has great application prospects in formaldehyde-free environmental protection home, decoration, construction and other fields. The project team said that in the future, they will continue to try to put the research results into extreme environments where chemical dyes cannot meet the demand, such as outer space and extreme cold.
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