Wuhan University’s New Era Achievement Exhibition opened

“Self-improvement and mission, pioneering and creating the future.” On November 8, as the 130th anniversary of Wuhan University was approaching, the university held the “New Era Achievement Exhibition”. Huang Taiyan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Wuhan University, delivered a speech and jointly unveiled the exhibition with Zhang Pingwen, academician and president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Representatives of Wu teachers and students view the exhibition. Photo courtesy of the organizer
Walking into the exhibition hall and climbing the stairs, the important historical context of each stage of Wuhan University’s 130-year history is clearly visible. Ascending to the exhibition hall on the second floor, a bright national flag comes into view. According to the relevant personnel of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of Wuhan University, this is the five-star red flag raised in Tiananmen Square in Beijing on the May Fourth Youth Day this year. At that time, Wuhan University organized 130 teachers, students and alumni representatives to come to Tiananmen Square to watch the flag-raising. Later, the Tiananmen Square Management Committee presented the national flag to Wuhan University for collection, and it was also unveiled at the opening ceremony of Wuhan University’s freshmen this year.
82 majors have been approved as first-class undergraduate majors; 10 projects won the 2022 National Teaching Achievement Award, ranking first in the country in total; 11 disciplines were shortlisted for the special disciplines of national urgently needed talent training; 11 disciplines were selected as the second round of national “double first-class” construction disciplines; Won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award for three consecutive years; The number of articles published by the world’s top journals has reached a new high… Through a wealth of photos and charts, the exhibition introduces the new achievements of Wuhan University in the journey of building a world-class university.
Walking through the exhibition hall, some physical exhibits intuitively show the major achievements of Wuhan University in serving the national strategy and fulfilling social responsibilities. For example, five satellite models were exhibited at the scene, namely the first “Wudazao” satellite “Luojia 1” launched in 2018, the “Luojia 2” and “Luojia 3” launched this year, the “Qixing-1” developed by school students, and the world’s first “remote sensing + health” special satellite “Luojia 4” planned to be launched in 2023. In the field of philosophy and social sciences, the “Dictionary of Marxism” compiled by the university fills the gap in the study of Marxist theory from a holistic perspective in China; It took 35 years for three generations of scholars from the Institute of Ancient Books of the University to compile the imperial masterpieces such as “The Collection of Ancient Training” and “The Collection of Ancient Sounds”, which attracted visitors.
According to reports, this exhibition takes forging ahead on a new journey and making contributions to a new era as the main line, and carefully creates five units: “Casting the Soul of the Banner to Open a New Bureau, Gathering Talents to Educate New Talents, Leading Academic Enlightenment, Serving the Overall Situation and Building New Achievements, and A New Chapter of the Hundred Hundred Sects”. More than 430 photos, more than 60 charts, more than 270 books and 28 sets of physical models, with more than 20 videos and audios, vividly tell the dream-chasing footprints of Wuhan University in the pursuit of excellence and building a first-class university since the new era.
Huang Taiyan said that the achievement exhibition systematically reviews the progress of Wuhan University since the new era, the important contributions it has made, and the outstanding achievements it has made, and hopes that this exhibition will further enhance the pride, responsibility and mission of all teachers and students of the university while summarizing the past achievements and experience, and encourage all Wuhan University people to continue to accelerate the construction of a world-class university with Chinese characteristics with a higher political position, a stronger mission and greater initiative.
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