Xianghui Research Institute of Fudan University was established The first batch of 6 “Xianghui Scholars” settled in Fudan Xianghui Research Institute

On November 7, Fudan University established the Xianghui Research Institute. Professor Zhao Dongyuan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of the School of Chemistry and Materials of Fudan University, was hired as the first dean, and six Fudan scientists, including Professor Zhang Yuanbo of the Department of Physics, Professor Lu Boxun of the School of Life Sciences, Professor Shen Weixiao of the Shanghai Mathematics Center, Xu Yanhui, researcher of the Affiliated Cancer Hospital, Professor Xu Wendong of the Affiliated Huashan Hospital, and Professor Lei Qunying of the School of Basic Medical Sciences, were hired as the first batch of “Xianghui Scholars”.

The institute was established. Courtesy of Fudan University
Xie Dong, Vice Mayor of Shanghai, Wang Ping, Deputy Secretary-General of Shanghai Municipal Government, Qiu Xin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Fudan University, Jin Li, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and President of Fudan University, Zhou Yaming, Director of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Wang Yuanyuan, Vice President of Fudan University, Zhou Hu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Fudan University, and Ma Yugang, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Vice President of Fudan University, attended the unveiling ceremony of Xianghui Research Institute. Xie Dong, Wang Ping, Qiu Xin, and Jin Li jointly unveiled the Xianghui Research Institute of Fudan University.
As the first new management service platform to undertake the construction of basic research highlands in Shanghai universities, Xianghui Research Institute focuses on the field of basic research, provides academic support and high-quality services for outstanding talents, gives full play to the function of “special zone for basic research talents”, and takes deepening the systematic reform of the talent service management system and mechanism as the core, and is committed to establishing a research environment that conforms to the law of basic research development and is conducive to the growth of young talents, cultivating a fertile soil for nurturing top talents in basic research. Establish a long-term and stable support mechanism, build an in-depth academic exchange and integration mechanism, and optimize service guarantees.

6 “Xianghui Scholars”. Courtesy of Fudan University

In addition to the first batch of 6 “Xianghui Scholars”, Xianghui Research Institute will recruit “Xianghui Scholars” at home and abroad, focusing on the introduction of top scientists and young outstanding talents who have made systematic and internationally influential basic research achievements in the past five years and can put forward key scientific problems with extensive cognition, originality and challenge. Together with relevant faculties, we will explore the establishment of a new mechanism for hiring outstanding talents who take the initiative to attract talents, recommend talents from masters, and recruit talents from scratch, and establish and improve the mechanism for discovering and gathering outstanding young talents.
The institute will create the most relaxed academic environment, focus on tackling forward-looking, challenging and high-value key scientific problems, provide long-term support and personalized and humanized services for more than 10 years, and do not assess for 5-10 years, so as to provide institutional guarantee for talents to “sharpen a sword in ten years”, and strive to create a tolerant, open, active and free academic environment, so that talents can explore freely without distractions.
By introducing a group of outstanding talents in basic research with world-class level; tackling a number of forward-looking, challenging, high-risk, and high-value scientific problems; Forming a number of breakthrough and leading original innovation achievements, Xianghui Research Institute will strive to build a basic research center that nurtures fruitful results and an academic palace that gathers global talents.
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