XNU has made progress in digital agricultural operations and smart agriculture platforms

Recently, the team of Ruan Junhu, a professor at the School of Economics and Management of Northwest A&F University, published an online title entitled “Smart contract-based agricultural service platform for drone plant protection operation optimization” in the IEEE Internet of Things Journal, a top journal in the field of Internet of Things The latest research results. Zheng Qianqian, a master’s degree in agricultural management from the School of Economics and Management, is the first author of the paper, and Ruan Junhu is the corresponding author.

Platform-based agricultural services are becoming increasingly popular in small-scale agriculture because they have significant advantages in gathering dispersed service demand and matching supply and demand. However, it also creates new challenges, including service traceability, denial and fraud, information security and privacy issues. This study proposes a smart agricultural service platform framework based on the Internet of Things and blockchain by using the traceability, transparency and non-tamperability of blockchain technology to help avoid information asymmetry and fraud, solve information security and privacy issues. The framework integrates the operations research optimization model into the smart agriculture service platform to cope with a large number of decentralized, small-scale service orders, and achieve optimal allocation of resources and effective response to interference events.

Smart agriculture service platform framework in IoT and blockchain environment.

Taking UAV plant protection service as an example, this study designs a smart contract-based process and operation optimization method for UAV plant protection service. The designed service process consists of four key steps: collecting plant protection requirements, generating scheduling plans, designing smart contracts and executing smart contracts; A UAV plant protection service scheduling optimization model with smart contract mechanism is proposed, which can produce optimal service plans for service providers, and a disturbance recovery model is constructed to deal with potential interference in the arrival of new orders. Finally, the study designs detailed smart contract terms for drone plant protection services. The results of numerical experiments prove the effectiveness of the constructed optimization model to obtain the optimal service plan before and after interference. At the same time, the study verifies the applicability and security of smart contracts on the Ethereum platform based on three-stage functional testing and comprehensive security testing.

Drone plant protection services based on smart contracts. (All photos courtesy of Northwest A&F University)

This research was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (72271202, 71973106), the Major Project of the National Social Science Foundation of China (22&ZD151), the Shaanxi Provincial Key Special Project of “Two-Chain Integration” of Livestock and Poultry Breeding (2022GD-TSLD-46) and the Shaanxi Provincial Science Foundation for Outstanding Young Scholars (2021JC-21). (Source: Yan Tao, China Science News)

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