Yanbian University recruits scientific research assistants: doctoral graduation salary of 4,000 yuan per month

Recently, Yanbian University released a recruitment of scientific research assistant information caused concern, which mentioned that “doctoral graduation salary of 4,000 yuan / month”.

Many netizens think that the treatment of doctors given is low: “Unreasonable, doctors are only 4000? Many schools have 4,000 undergraduates…” But on the other hand, some netizens put forward different opinions: “The job of a research assistant is not a long-term job, and it is unfair to compare it with ordinary fixed jobs.” ”

Scientific research assistant refers to personnel engaged in auxiliary research of scientific research projects, operation and maintenance of experimental (engineering) facilities and experimental technology, transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and academic assistants and financial assistants.

According to the detailed treatment announced in the recruitment announcement of Yanbian University, doctoral students graduated 4000 yuan / month, master’s degree graduates 3000 yuan / month, undergraduate graduation 2500 yuan / month, and the salary was paid monthly. It also includes the payment of social insurance for scientific research assistants. Among them, the unit payment part is handled by the school uniformly, and the individual payment part is withheld from the monthly salary of the scientific research assistant.

According to the recruitment announcement, the employment period of the scientific research assistant position is generally based on the completion of the corresponding scientific research project, and it is also possible to sign a 1-year fixed-term contract, which can be renewed up to 1 time. During the employment period of scientific research assistants, it is not allowed to pursue a master’s degree or above on the job. For those who have obtained a master’s degree or above, they must promptly notify the Human Resources Management Department and complete the procedures for terminating the employment contract before enrolling.

The Ministry of Education has previously issued a document on the establishment of scientific research assistant positions in colleges and universities to absorb the employment of college graduates. On May 23, the Ministry of Education issued the “Notice on Colleges and Universities to Do a Good Job in Developing Scientific Research Assistant Positions in 2022 to Absorb Graduate Employment Work”, which clearly stated that colleges and universities should reasonably set up new scientific research assistant positions to maximize the employment of college graduates. It was also mentioned that the colleges and universities affiliated to the central departments and the “double-first-class” construction colleges and universities should play a leading role, fully tap their own potential, and make the scientific research assistant team bigger and stronger.

According to the official profile, Yanbian University, located in Yanji City, the capital of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in Jilin Province, is a national “double-first-class” construction university, a national “211 Project” key construction university, a key construction university for the development of the western region, a joint key support university supported by the Jilin Provincial People’s Government and the Ministry of Education, and a university jointly supported by the Jilin Provincial People’s Government and the State Nationalities Commission.
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