Yu Menglun: Half a century of aerospace persistence

“A comrade was critically ill and we went to see him. This colleague used to be too busy at work to have time to go to the doctor. “Academician Yu Menglun, who is nearly ninety, his hair and eyebrows are already white. On stage, he recalled emotionally that this colleague who had fought side by side with him said that he fell ill and could no longer contribute to the aerospace industry, and his life was over. This sentence made Yu Menglun feel very uncomfortable.
On April 21, Yu Menglun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and aerospace expert, gave a lecture at the “Universal Lecture Hall” of Beijing Institute of Technology, with the theme of “The Development of China’s Launch Vehicles under the Guidance of the Spirit of Space”.

He said that when he began to work in the 60s of last century, astronauts were under great pressure and full of passion for science and technology. Yu Menglun remembers that at that time, as soon as the unit leader arrived at night, he had to urge everyone to go back to sleep.
Yu Menglun explained the development process of China’s ballistic missiles and launch vehicles. “China Aerospace has always adhered to self-reliance and hard work, constantly pioneered and innovated, bravely climbed the peak, and embarked on a road of innovative development with Chinese characteristics.”
This lecture is part of the Beijing Institute of Technology’s series of educational practice activities of “Knowing with Things, Knocking on the Sky”. It was specially selected to be held on the eve of “China Space Day” on April 24, in order to further promote the spirit of space and encourage young students to actively participate in the aerospace industry.
The young students asked the academicians, under such difficult and simple conditions, how to ensure the accuracy of the final calculation in the face of difficult tasks? “The quality of our work is measured by the interests of the people, and when the people are satisfied, our work will be done well.” Yu Menglun said that even when the country is in extreme difficulty, military industrial personnel and scientific and technological personnel are regarded as treasures and have received great support. “Can we not work well?”
Wei Mingshan, assistant to the president of Beijing Institute of Technology, encouraged the young people of Beijing Institute of Technology in the new era to temper their skills, be brave in innovation, continue to struggle, devote themselves to the aerospace industry, build a space power, and use the space dream to help the Chinese dream.
In 2023, the School of Astronautics and Astronautics will cooperate with a number of units to create a series of “Space Month” activities to provide students with a rich and diverse learning experience. Combined with the study and implementation of Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the School of Astronautics held a “Youth Micro-Forum” to select 6 members of the torch propaganda team to carry forward the spirit of space by telling aerospace stories.
Yu Menglun put forward expectations for the young generation of astronauts: to love the aerospace industry, to learn modestly, to look at achievements and honors with a normal heart, to continuously improve their own skills and work ability with perseverance, tenacity and dedication, to achieve personal and aerospace industry growth together, and to create new glory in the aerospace industry.
“Yu Lao and other astronauts of the older generation have been loving and persevering for decades, which is moving. I was deeply touched by their unswerving determination to serve the country and their selfless dedication. Meng Jingwei, a 2021 doctoral student at the School of Astronautics and Astronautics of Beijing Institute of Technology, sighed after listening to the lecture that as a young person in the new era, the original intention is the mission, “Our responsibility is to carry forward the spiritual quality of our predecessors and contribute our own strength to the development of the space industry of the motherland.” ”
(Original title: Academician Ninety tells about half a century of perseverance)
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