Yuan Aihua: It’s long and long, but it’s fun

At the end of January this year, when I learned that the “Jiangsu Province Famous Teacher” was officially announced, Yuan Aihua, a professor at Jiangsu University of Science and Technology on the list, was busy welcoming the rising sun and the moonset. “One important piece of work will be arranged every winter vacation, and this year is to prepare for the third Jiangsu Province Teacher Teaching Innovation Competition.” Adhering to the “white and black” and “5+2” non-stop work mode for many years, she said that she “has a long road, but enjoys it”.

Be consistent, never forget the original intention to fulfill the mission
“Going all the way from a rural girl, I have received the care, support and help of many teachers, colleagues and leaders.” So far, Yuan Aihua has always been grateful to Miao Shuo, a middle school teacher who is “also a teacher and a friend, like a father and a brother”, university teacher Shen Ming, master’s supervisor Cao Yang, doctoral supervisor Lu Lude, etc., “Take them as examples and aspire to be a good teacher.” ”
14 years after graduating and leaving school, Tang Li recalled the warmth of her time on campus: “The teacher taught me to learn to be a person first and then learn to do things, and to be down-to-earth. In 2006, when Yuan Aihua was studying abroad, he learned that Tang Li’s family was in difficulty, so he took the initiative to borrow 5,000 yuan to let him pay off the loan during his undergraduate period and successfully completed his master’s studies. After graduating and looking for a job, Tang Li successfully joined Jiangsu Thorpe Group Co., Ltd. under the recommendation of Teacher Yuan, and then followed the guidance of her mentor to improve herself all the way, and has now grown into the technical backbone of the group.
“During the master’s degree, I found that potassium octamocyanide molybdate is often reduced in the process of cultivating single crystals, and I was puzzled, and then my supervisor and I did experiments together, and she carefully found that it was caused by light, and guided me to successfully solve the problem.” Liu Wenyan, a 2006 master’s student, has participated in the development of “Physical Chemistry Network Multimedia Courseware” chaired by Mr. Yuan since her undergraduate period in 2003, and won the Excellence Award of the 6th National Multimedia Courseware Competition of the Ministry of Education. ”
“What impressed me the most was that she seemed to be always energetic, always able to work efficiently and give her all in everything.” Meng Chunfeng remembers that during his doctoral studies in 2020, the college asked him to write the application form of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, “Faced with this task that had long known the results, I wrote a first draft based on the gourd drawing and sketching. Unexpectedly, Mr. Yuan put forward a lot of opinions after reading it, from the framework to the details of the guidance one by one, the phone call took more than 1 hour. I feel that the odds are zero, but the teacher can still be so serious about the odds of being zero. Afterwards, Yuan Aihua told Meng Chunfeng that everyone who writes a fund must go through this process, and even if it is not successful, it will gain from it. From this incident, Meng Chunfeng realized, “Teacher Yuan’s fruitful achievements are not only to seize every opportunity, but to complete everything with such an attitude, love and persistence!” ”
After 30 years of hard work, Yuan Aihua has trained and transported thousands of students, influenced and driven dozens of young and middle-aged backbone teachers, and won honors such as young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions in the province, outstanding Communist Party members of the province, provincial “May Day pacesetters” and famous teachers of the school. Sun Wen, a recipient of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, an alumnus of the Class of 2000 majoring in Applied Chemistry, confessed that his mentor is “strict and loving, approachable, and a good mentor and friend to everyone.” ”
Concentrate on teaching, and live with determination throughout my life
After 30 years of teaching, Yuan Aihua remembers the most memorable alumni returning to school during the National Day in 2008: “I can’t remember which student it was, and I wanted to find Teacher Yuan as soon as I came. Seeing me excitedly said, do you remember me, when I took your physical chemistry class, I always grabbed the first row of seats, so I liked your physical chemistry class. I was really satisfied at that moment! “Three-foot podium, lifelong feelings, she is determined to take on the dual responsibilities of education and management, the average theoretical teaching workload in the past 10 years has reached 128 hours, and in the past 6 years, she has been excellent in the student evaluation organized by the school.
Lifelong teaching, lifelong learning. Since 2000, she has led the physical chemistry teaching team to focus on the teaching pain points of “difficult integration of curriculum ideology and politics, difficulty in understanding abstract content, and difficulty in establishing high-order thinking”, taking students as the center, cultivating virtue and cultivating people, integrating modern information technology, carrying out online and offline hybrid and BOPPPS, PBL, TBL and other teaching modes and method reforms, modular reconstruction of teaching content, three-dimensional construction of curriculum resources, contextualized creation of teaching environment, diversified and improved assessment and evaluation, and remarkable construction results. In 2008, he won the excellent course of Jiangsu Province, and in 2021, he won the first batch of online first-class courses in Jiangsu Province.
Facing the needs of marine power and green ships, Yuan Aihua introduced the frontier of disciplines, engineering cases and scientific research achievements into the teaching content, and led the team to develop ideological and political cases and virtual simulation experimental projects with distinctive industry characteristics such as metal corrosion and protection, ship green coating, ship coating VOCs governance, and seawater desalination. Deeply excavate the ideological and political materials and philosophical thinking contained in the physical chemistry course, combine the history of discipline development, scientist style, “stuck neck” technology, etc., strengthen students’ cultivation of green concepts, scientific thinking, innovation awareness, family and country feelings, craftsman spirit, academic ethics, etc., and inherit the “ship soul spirit” of Jiangsu University of Science and Technology.
Cheng Ming, an alumnus of the Class of 2008 of Applied Chemistry and a distinguished professor of Jiangsu Province, recalled listening to Mr. Yuan’s lecture that year, “The focus is prominent, the thinking is clear, the language is vivid, the depth is simple, the theory is combined with practice, and the teaching content is organically integrated into the application of physical and chemical principles in daily life, industrial production and scientific research.” ”
As a good example, diligently strive for hard work
When I met Yuan Aihua on campus, I was always in a hurry, and I seemed to be thinking about it all the time.
“As her first master’s student, what struck me the most was that she always maintained a high level of sensitivity to academic research.” In 2005, after graduating from Master Zhou, Zhou Hu stayed on to teach, and in 2009 began to apply for the fund, Professor Yuan suggested that he take the new hydrogen storage material as the starting point for the declaration, and after two years of continuous accumulation, he was finally approved by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province. In 2014, in view of the development bottleneck faced by power batteries, Yuan Aihua began to pay attention to the research of energy storage batteries and related materials in the field of new energy, and realized that this direction is very likely to become a research hotspot in the future. This insightful prediction successfully seized the research opportunity and guided Zhou Hu to be approved by the Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province again.
From 2017 to 2018, after participating in a number of international and domestic academic conferences, based on the in-depth research and precise control of cutting-edge literature, Yuan Aihua turned his attention to all-solid-state energy storage batteries, and believed that this direction will have great development space and broad application prospects in the future. This re-turn, based on her high sensitivity to scientific research and continuous self-breakthrough, led her to successfully apply for the 4th National Natural Science Foundation of China. Today, Yuan Aihua, who has been deeply engaged in scientific research for 30 years, has become an expert in the field of inorganic nanomaterials.
“After having a family and a career, it’s hard to go back to school.” Dr. Li Qiuxia said frankly, “During my doctoral studies and after my work, Ms. Yuan gave me a lot of encouragement and support, so that I was approved by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province soon after graduation. In addition to scientific research, I learned a lot from my mentor to behave in the world, pay more attention to cultivating virtue, be grateful, and learn to be peaceful. ”
At the stage of topic selection, Dr. Wang Ping confidently chose a hot direction and talked with his supervisor, “Teacher Yuan did not directly deny me, but asked, what do you think is the purpose and significance of doing scientific research?” Yuan Aihua told her that the charm of scientific research is problem-oriented, and after continuous trial and error, find your own stable research field and direction. Every time we encounter difficulties and problems that are difficult to solve, we can discuss with Ms. Yuan, and she will spare no effort to give us guidance and help. ”
Yuan Aihua, who is rigorous in his studies and willing to be a ladder, has presided over 2 provincial key teaching and research teaching reform projects and 1 general project, won 5 provincial teaching achievement awards such as the first prize of Jiangsu Province Teaching Achievement Award, and 3 provincial first-class courses and excellent courses; He has presided over 4 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 3 Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province and high-tech ship research projects of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, etc., and was selected into the “Blue Project” scientific and technological innovation team of Jiangsu University of Materials Chemistry, and won the second prize of China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Achievement and the third prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of China Petroleum and Chemical Federation; Guided students to win the first prize of the National College Students Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Social Practice and Science and Technology Competition, the provincial excellent master’s thesis, and the provincial excellent graduation design team.
From “famous teacher of school” to “famous teacher of provincial teaching”, she feels more pressure: “The future teaching reform will be guided by the national strategy and industry demand, adhere to the characteristics of the school’s ship and marine school, take the construction of first-class majors (courses) as the foothold, comprehensively improve the quality of talent training, and strive to successfully apply for the national first-class course in physical chemistry.” ”

Yuan Aihua is giving a lesson to students. Photo courtesy of interviewee

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