Yunnan established a new medical education alliance to explore new paths for talent training

Kunming, April 27 (Cheng Jiehuan) The inaugural meeting and the first teaching seminar of Yunnan New Medical Education Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the Alliance) were held in Kunming on the 26th. At the meeting, representatives of universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical enterprises, affiliated hospitals of universities and well-known medical education scholars from China gathered together to discuss the construction of disciplines under the background of new medical sciences and explore the training path of new medical talents in Yunnan.

The alliance is initiated and established by Kunming Medical University, and consists of 65 units in 4 categories: universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical enterprises and hospitals affiliated to related universities. Among them, “new medical science” refers to the extension of medical education from heavy treatment to prevention and health care, highlighting the concept of health in the whole life cycle and health process, emphasizing the cross-integration of medical science with engineering, science and literature, and realizing the high-quality training of medical education talents.
Yin Xiangyang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Kunming Medical University, said that the alliance is committed to building a high-level joint innovation platform, promoting the sharing of medical education resources, promoting the reform of the training model of top-notch innovative medical talents in Yunnan Province, the construction of world-class professional cultivation, the collaboration between science and education, the collaboration between medicine and education, and the construction of the integration mechanism of industry and education, and further establishing and improving the high-quality higher medical education system in Yunnan.
Wang Jiankun, member of the party group and deputy director of the Yunnan Provincial Health Commission, said that the Alliance of Hope will explore the road of new medical science construction with Yunnan characteristics and optimize the training structure of medical talents; Strengthen innovation in medical science research; Consolidate the foundation for medical talent training and deepen the collaboration between medicine and education; Strengthen the construction of medical alliance mechanisms and promote the reform of medical education in Yunnan.
Wang Yongquan, deputy director of the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education, member of the Party Group and member of the Education Working Committee of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, said that it is hoped that the alliance units will carry out explorations in terms of mutual recognition of credits, mutual selection of courses, mutual employment of famous teachers, co-construction and sharing of high-quality teaching resources and scientific research platforms, and deep cross-integration of medical science and multidisciplinarity, so as to cultivate innovative compound talents in the biomedical industry.
At the teaching seminar on the same day, medical education scholars from all over the country also discussed the construction of disciplines and the reform exploration and implementation path of talent training under the background of new medical sciences, bringing a wonderful academic feast.
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