Zhejiang A&F University held the first International Forum on Grammar

On December 18, the first International Forum on Grammar and Law, co-sponsored by the School of Liberal Arts and Law of Zhejiang A&F University, Hangzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate, Hangzhou Lin’an District People’s Procuratorate, and Beijing Weiheng (Hangzhou) Law Firm, was held at Zhejiang A&F University.

The forum aims to mobilize experts and scholars from domestic and foreign universities, scientific research think tanks, judicial organs and other social organizations to jointly discuss the rule of law guarantee in the demonstration strategy of rural revitalization and common prosperity under the background of Chinese-style modernization, and promote international academic exchanges in related fields.

The first International Forum on Grammar is taking place online.Photo courtesy of Zhejiang A&F University

About 70 experts, scholars and graduate students from Washington University in St. Louis, the American think tank “China Law and Policy Knowledge Base”, the University of Bergamo, the National University of Mongolia, the University of Hong Kong, Sun Yat-sen University, Wuhan University, China University of Political Science and Law, Zhejiang A&F University and other universities and think tanks, as well as Hangzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate, Hangzhou Lin’an District People’s Procuratorate, Pan’an County People’s Court, Beijing Weiheng (Hangzhou) Law Firm participated in the conference online and expressed their academic views.

Shen Manhong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhejiang A&F University, said that to effectively promote the construction of ecological civilization and realize the common prosperity and modernization of all the people in the new era, we must jointly promote it from many aspects. First, we must conscientiously implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, improve the level of rule of law for ecological civilization construction and promote common prosperity; The second is to demonstrate the pluralistic value of “green waters and green mountains” with rule of law thinking and rule of law; Third, it is necessary to establish a smooth law implementation mechanism and a diversified contradiction and dispute resolution mechanism. Professor Shen Manhong stressed the necessity of firmly implementing the strategy of comprehensively governing the country according to law, and said that Zhejiang A&F University will fully participate in promoting rural revitalization and common prosperity, promote the rapid development of the law discipline, and will continue to initiate a series of international academic conferences.

Xu Jianfeng, deputy procurator general of the Hangzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate, pointed out that the road to common prosperity is inseparable from the rule of law escort of the procuratorial organs. The Hangzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate has thoroughly implemented the series of spirits of the superior on the high-quality development and construction of the common prosperity demonstration zone, closely followed the “1+7+N” key work of the municipal party committee’s common prosperity and the “1+5+N” system of major reforms, bravely shouldered the mission, shaped change, innovated and made breakthroughs, and made steady steps with the “seven inspections to help common prosperity” series of actions, explored the “three procuratorial reforms”, cultivated “four new brands”, and improved the level of service guarantee for common prosperity. With first-class procuratorial guarantees, quality, efficiency and strength, promote the construction of common prosperity demonstration areas.

Li Lianping, deputy secretary of the Hangzhou Lin’an District Party Committee and secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, shared Lin’an’s good practices. She said that in accordance with the general requirements of prosperous industry, ecological livability, civilized rural style, effective governance and rich life, Lin’an District comprehensively promotes high-quality and efficient agriculture, livable and workable countryside, and rich farmers, and strives to be a demonstration leader of scenic spots, industrial integration, and rural reform, and strive to create a model of rural revitalization and rule of law in Lin’an under the common prosperity strategy. The Lin’an District Procuratorate is committed to promoting rural revitalization, creating a pilot “cloud inspection”, using digital means to extend procuratorial work to rural areas, and handling cases involving ecological high-quality agricultural products such as pecans, bamboo shoots, mountain vegetables, and alpine tea in accordance with the law.

The forum was divided into three sessions. At the forum, Professor Huang Xingrui of Zhejiang Police College, He Ronggong Professor of Wuhan University, Li Jun, Chief Procurator of Hangzhou Lin’an District People’s Procuratorate, Zhang Liang, Professor of Sun Yat-sen University Law School, Professor Li Aijun of China University of Political Science and Law, Dong Bin of Hangzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate, and Zhang Yongliang, Professor of Zhejiang A&F University, and other experts and scholars gave reports.

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